Thursday, April 20, 2006

Winning the War On Terror?

From American Progress - click here to visit their website...

Even the Bush administration "has now admitted that the insurgency [in Afghanistan] is growing and becoming more effective ." Attacks "have increased in lethality, with increased use of tactics seen in Iraq , including suicide bombings, which...have quadrupled in the past year, and improvised explosive devises, whose use has doubled." (This trend was on full display just last week .) Some experts attribute the spike in violence to "a vast canvas of weakly governed and unprotected territory in which drug traffickers, feuding tribesmen and opportunistic criminals -- as well as Taliban gunmen on motorbikes and mysterious suicide bombers -- operate with increasing ease." Last year "1,600 people, including 91 U.S. troops, were killed ...more than double the total in 2004." Violence is expected to increase further as "insurgents will try to test the NATO forces that are moving in to take over from more seasoned US military troops.

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