Thursday, May 31, 2012

Political commentary in image format

Chart illustrating Mitt Romney's proposed first budget.

 Chart illustrating the Republican Trilemma dilemma.

If you're wondering about the intelligence of those working to defeat President Obama, look no further for the truth than signs like this one. What do you suppose THIS cost him?

The cost of Republican policies versus the cost of Democratic policies.

Takes one to know one, I guess.

"Erase the hate" poster.

How capitalism works - a wordless explanation.

A chart which translates some of the Republican talking points.

The Republican creed - when you don't have any facts, make shit up.

Ditto - see above about making shit up.

Before long...

Before long, idiots like this will win out and some states will have the stupidest kids in the world.

Church wants evolution theory out of science classes

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some more political stuff

The cost of tax breaks for the wealthy.

Christians interpret the Bible any way they see fit.

Romney flip-flops in a graphic.

We're losing our freedoms, slowly but surely.
 Obama deserves credit for killing Osama bin Laden

It makes no sense to claim that gay marriage destroys the institution. 

Preaching politics and tax exempt status.

TSA is an insult to our constitution. 

The birthers are still on a roll thanks to Sheriff Joe.

As much as I believe in freedom to worship, it does not include a freedom to hide.

Just in case...

Just in case you weren't sure what kind of people form the basis of the Republican party, check out the following article on the battle for recall in Wisconsin...

Anonymous fliers target Wisconsin teachers who signed Scott Walker recall petitions

Monday, May 21, 2012

Just some thoughts on religion.

I guess I am in camp with the leanings of Bill Maher - organized religion is actually dangerous as it promotes violence and encourages bigotry and hatred.

If this is the God you're loving, I'll pass. If there really WERE a hell, and I was going there, who's to say it's a worse place than a heaven where God eats his children? Good luck with that!

You can view this larger by clicking on it. This image tries to explain some of the absurdity of one God picking the human race to focus all of his attention on.

Top ten arguments for the existence of a God - but not from David Letterman.

If the man of the house is educating the kids, or if you send your kids to school where they are taught by a woman, you are indeed a sinner (according to the Bible).

You've got to remember, if you believe the Bible is the literal history of the world, then you've got to believe that God is responsible for all things sinful as well as all things good.

When you don't understand something, attributing it to aliens - or magic - is a good way to go.

The Bible is pretty big on the violence thing.

I'm an equal opportunity non-believer.

The Bbile has a number of quotes that suggest we beat our kids into submission. Actually not my thing.

I do believe that the God that the Bible demands that we love could be a sadistic sort of fellow.

Some charts/graphs to help better understand the economy