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A progressive's progressive.

I know I would like this guy in person...

Obama on the science deniers...

Why would a loving God allow the Holocaust?

Teaching religion to your children.

Shooting report

I DID actually hear about some changes for the better - not new laws, but new regulations. Thanks, Barack.

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Obama Administration Announces 2 New Executive Actions On Gun Control

posted by Randa Morris August 30, 2013 Human Rights, Most Popular, Politics
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Two new common-sense executive actions on gun control were added to the Vice President's gun violence reduction plan on August 29, 2013. The new measures are a continuation of Joe Biden's plan, which was first introduced in January and includes such common sense measures as expanding criminal background checks and making gun trafficking a Federal crime. The plan is designed to help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities that occur in relation to gun violence in the US.

The two new recommended actions announced by the White House will not affect most private gun owners or purchasers. The first measure is designed to close loopholes for corporations and trusts who currently are granted exemption from background checks when purchasing automatic weapons. This recommended action will ensure that individuals purchasing assault weapons in the name of a  corporation or trust will be required to undergo the same type of background check as a private purchaser. Currently, private individuals are able to take advantage of this loophole, including those who may not legally be allowed to purchase or own a gun. It is not difficult to imagine criminal enterprises using the current exemption as a way of stockpiling weapons, which can easily be obtained in the name of Shell corporations. The new recommended executive action will ensure that the individual purchasing the weapons is legally able to do so.

The second measure, which the president is scheduled to set as administrative policy, involves the return of military grade weapons to the United States by private entities. Current policy allows private entities to  retrieve US military weapons from overseas locations after first obtaining permission from US authorities. Over 250,000 applications for the return of weapons have been applied for and granted under the previous policy. Going forward, the administration announced that, under the new policy, it will no longer be granting permission to private entities, for the retrieval of US military weapons.
Now for our shootings...

Guns - they are not toys

It's a tough life...

It's a tough life but some asshole has to live it. Phil Mickelson fits the bill.

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Saturday nutpick-a-palooza: Paying taxes on millions is tyranny! (kos)
Saturday, August 24, 2013, 1:39 pm

Today's source material:

Breitbart headline:
In an interview with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo from The Barclay's golf tournament that aired on Friday, Mickelson was asked how it felt to pay over 60% of his British and Scottish Open winnings in taxes.
"It's not making me want to go out and work harder," Mickelson said.

For the record, Mickelson makes $36 million per year on endorsements alone. He won $1.43 million at the British Open and around $800,000 at the Scottish Open. Since he has to pay taxes where he earned the income, the Brits will take 45 percent of his take, with California taking another 13 percent slice. So assuming there are assorted other taxes that add up to 60 percent of the haul, he ended up taking home what, about $900,000? TYRANNY! I mean, he BUSTED HIS ASS for two whole weeks to earn that cash!

Lucky for the world, there are plenty of other golfers that would be happy to pick up the slack for him. So he should feel free to retire to Somalia. They don't have socialist taxes there. Then some other poor sap will have to suffer the indignity of paying taxes on $2.2 million of earnings for two week's work. Sigh.

Conservatives know only fear and hate

There's a black man in the White House and it's driving them insane.

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Kentuckians hate Obamacare but love it by another name (egberto Willies)
Saturday, August 24, 2013, 12:06 pm

This is the biggest fear of every Republican that should not have been if they had simply been party to the solution. Instead they lied, misinformed, and ultimately made what would be a great law, a law that will need improvement.

Kentucky is geared up with their health exchanges. They are now informing residents of how to get access to health insurance. They market their Obamacare state exchange under the Kynect name. The following reported encounter with a Kentuckian shows the dangers of being misinformed.

A middle-aged man in a red golf shirt shuffles up to a small folding table with gold trim, in a booth adorned with a flotilla of helium balloons, where government workers at the Kentucky State Fair are hawking the virtues of Kynect, the state's health benefit exchange established by Obamacare.

The man is impressed. "This beats Obamacare I hope," he mutters to one of the workers.

"Do I burst his bubble?" wonders Reina Diaz-Dempsey, overseeing the operation. She doesn't. If he signs up, it's a win-win, whether he knows he's been ensnared by Obamacare or not.

Tea Party mostly confused old white men

Even conservatives get SOME things right.

I admire this guy

Raise the minimum wage

It's all about the Benjamins

Friday, August 30, 2013

School discipline: wrong direction

From Carolina Naturally
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Zero tolerance schools and cops: kids are not perps

Bad Cops

When schools adopt "zero tolerance" policies and treat rule infractions as crimes, they often bring in actual police officers to serve as in-house security, and the entire student body become perps-in-waiting. Tim Cushing's litany of police overreach in schools includes a third-grader and a fifth-grader who were subjected to intimidating interrogation by a police officer over the alleged theft of one dollar; arrests for students who participated in a water-balloon fight at the end of the school year; felony charges for putting a joke in the school yearbook; arrests for flatulence; a cop who slammed a 10-year-old's head into a table so hard he got a concussion -- because the student was not at music class; and a diabetic student who was beaten by the school cop for falling asleep in class.

Inside look at the Tea Party

Rebranding the GOP

Explanation: Christians vs. Muslims and vice-versa


Wal*Mart still a detriment to America

From Daily Kos
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Walmart's big 'made in America' PR push is just that-a PR push (laura Clawson)
Friday, August 23, 2013, 12:25 pm

Are American-made goods coming soon to a Walmart near you, as the company's PR department would have you believe? Does it surprise you that the answer is "not really"?

Walmart says it's going to increase its American buying by $50 billion over the next decade. That sounds impressive until Stacy Mitchell lays out the context:

For starters, $50 billion over a decade may sound huge at first, but measured against Walmart's galactic size, it's not.  An additional $5 billion a year amounts to only 1.5 percent of what Walmart currently spends on inventory.

Worse, very little of this small increase in spending on American-made goods will actually result in new U.S. production and jobs. Most of the projected increase will simply be a byproduct of Walmart's continued takeover of the grocery industry.  Most grocery products sold in the U.S. are produced here.  As Walmart expands its share of U.S. grocery sales-it now captures 25 percent, up from 4 percent in 1998-it will buy more U.S. foods.  But this doesn't mean new jobs, because other grocers are losing market share and buying less

Shooting report

The deaths, the injuries, the mayhem - it all continues as we fail to use our advanced intellect to try to control the spread of lethal weapons. We pass laws and develop technologies to make cars safer - we allow guns to run free throughout our society without any attempt to make people safer when it comes to law and technology. Fuck the NRA.

Gun nuts are nuts - by definition.

When governments fail to protect us and cover up their mistakes.

From Crooks and Liars
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Fukushima Leak: Japan 'Working to Prevent Serious or Fatal Accident'

Diane Sweet
Wednesday, August 21, 2013, 8:55 pm

Japan's nuclear agency dramatically raises status after saying a day earlier that radioactive water leak was only an 'anomaly.' The operator of Japan's tsunami-crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant confirms that 300 tonnes of highly radioactive water have leaked from one of the storage tanks, and is still leaking. Tepco's spokesman, Masayuki Ono, said the water had seeped into the ground after breaching a concrete and sandbag barrier around the tank. Officials say it is possible that the nuclear plant has been leaking radioactive matter -- including caesium and strontium -- ever since it suffered a triple meltdown in March 2011

Things our founding fathers said

“Manufacturers, who listening to the powerful invitations of a better price for their fabrics, or their labor, of greater cheapness of provisions and raw materials, of an exemption from the chief part of the taxes burdens and restraints, which they endure in the old world, of greater personal independence and consequence, under the operation of a more equal government, and of what is far more precious than mere religious toleration–a perfect equality of religious privileges; would probably flock from Europe to the United States to pursue their own trades or professions, if they were once made sensible of the advantages they would enjoy, and were inspired with an assurance of encouragement and employment, will, with difficulty, be induced to transplant themselves, with a view to becoming cultivators of the land.”
~Alexander Hamilton: Report on the Subject of Manufacturers December 5, 1791

Differentiating: Asses and elephants.

U.S going to war?

I'm not opposed to the big agricultural companies experimenting with genetically modified food. I AM opposed to their heavy-handed means of blocking adequate testing of those foods - and the chemicals they use to feed the plants and poison the bugs - before putting this stuff where it can get into the food chain. So, the poster below has some merit.

Obama administration is getting SOME things right.

Republicans - skewed priorities.

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On Strike

Aug 29, 2013 | By

Fast Food Workers Strike for a Higher Minimum Wage

Fast food workers in at least 60 cities across the country went on strike today in order to demand a living wage.
The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) notes that the median wage for fast food workers at chains like KFC, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell is just $8.94 per hour.
Meanwhile, the industry is raking in $200 BILLION a year in profits and CEOs are literally making thousands of dollars per hour:
Yet while top executives at food corporations like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Olive Garden and Red Lobster make an average of $9.4 million per year, or $4,517 per hour, a full-time worker on minimum wage earns $15,080 per year — less than those execs pull down in four hours. And while the industry takes in $200 billion a year, many of its workers rely on taxpayer-subsidized food stamps and Medicaid to get by.
Here are some fast facts about the minimum wage — and why it’s time to raise it.
Raising the Minimum Wage Would Boost the Economy
  • When the minimum wage is increased for workers, the entire economy benefits. Increasing the minimum wage would put money in the pocket of workers, who are likely to spend the money immediately on things like housing, food, and gas. This boost in demand for goods and services helps stimulate the economy. The money gets funneled back to employers who would need to hire more staff to keep up with the demand.
  • Millions of Americans Would Benefit From Increasing the Minimum Wage
  • Millions of workers would benefit from raising the minimum wage. Raising the minimum wage would not just help those who earn the minimum wage. Workers earning near the new minimum wage would also see an indirect increase due to what economists call a spillover effect.
  • Women would benefit tremendously from raising the minimum wage. Most minimum wage workers are women—in 2012, over 64% of minimum-wage workers were women.
  • Wages Have Not Kept Up With Increased Productivity or Inflation
    Over the past few decades, worker productivity in the U.S. has risen dramatically, but the average American worker is not reaping the benefits. Instead, wages have grown at a tepid pace, and workers are getting a smaller and smaller piece of the pie.
  • Wages are not keeping pace with increased productivity. From 1968 to 2012, worker productivity rose 124%. If the minimum wage kept up with increases in worker productivity, the minimum wage would be close to $22 an hour.
  • The minimum wage has not kept pace with inflation. Back in 1968, the federal minimum wage was $1.60 an hour. If the minimum wage kept up with inflation, it would be $10.74 today. Today’s minimum wage of $7.25 an hour is 31% lower than the value of the minimum wage in 1968.
  • Rising Inequality
    Although the average workers’ wages have remained stagnant, the pay for those at the top has skyrocketed.
  • CEOs make 273 times more than average workers do. In 1965, CEOs made 20.1 times the pay of the average worker. By 2012, that ratio was more than 10 times larger: CEOs made 273 times the pay of the average worker in 2012.
  • The 1% is getting richer and richer. Between 1979 and 2007, the richest top 1% of American households saw their income rise by 281%, or an increase of more than $973,000 per household. Meanwhile, the poorest Americans saw an increase in their income of only 16%, or $2,400.
  • Raising the Minimum Wage is a Winning Issue
    Raising the minimum wage, which nearly three in four Americans supports, is also “a political goldmine” for Democrats:
    Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an issue that was hugely popular with the public, fit perfectly into the progressive agenda, appealed to the white working class, and split the Republican Party right in half? Sounds to be good to be true, right? Actually, it’s hiding in plain sight: raising the minimum wage.
    BOTTOM LINE: One demand of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, which happened 50 years ago yesterday, was “a national minimum wage act that will give all Americans a decent standard of living.” As we reflect on the legacy of Dr. King, our increasingly economically unequal society, and the plight of low-wage workers, it’s clear that it’s way past time to raise the minimum wage.

    Thursday, August 29, 2013

    They know not what they advocate...

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    OOPS: Senator Who Advocates Arming Teachers Accidentally Shoots Teacher With Rubber Bullet

    BY IGOR VOLSKY ON AUGUST 29, 2013 AT 12:14 PM
    Arkansas State Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson
    Arkansas State Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson
    A state senator who is advocating for arming teachers in the aftermath of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, accidentally shot a teacher with a rubber bullet during a training course, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports.
    Arkansas Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson (R) recently participated in “active shooter” training and mistakenly shot a teacher who was confronting a so-called bad guy. The experience gave Hutchinson “some pause” but failed to shake his confidence in the plan.
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    No, Martin Luther King Jr. Was Not A Republican — But Here’s What He Had To Say About Them

    By Judd Legum on August 28, 2013 at 9:59 am
    “Most people don’t talk about the fact that Martin Luther King was a Republican.”
    That’s a quote from Ada Fisher, a Republican National Committeewoman from North Carolina, that was published without qualification or correction this week by ABC News.

    Fisher is wrong on two fronts. First, many people talk about the “fact” that King was a Republican. It is asserted incessantly by conservatives on Twitter and elsewhere on the internet, especially in the lead up to today’s 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. The claim is most prominently advanced by King’s niece, Republican activist Alveda King. Over the years, conservative groups have purchased billboards making the claim.

    Second, Martin Luther King Jr. was not a Republican. Or a Democrat.

    King was not a partisan and never endorsed any political candidate. In a 1958 interview, King said “I don’t think the Republican party is a party full of the almighty God nor is the Democratic party. They both have weaknesses … And I’m not inextricably bound to either party.”

    The battle over Obamacare

    Follow the link to

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    7,386 Times

    Aug 28, 2013 | By

    A Destructive Obsession

    We know that the GOP will do nearly anything to deny millions of Americans the security of quality, affordable health care. Nevertheless, even we were surprised to discover that House Republicans have collectively voted to repeal Obamacare a whopping 7,386 times.
    Those 7,386 repeal votes represent about 15 percent of the floor time in the House of Representatives since 2011. This would perhaps help explain why this Congress is on track to be the least productive in the modern era.
    Yesterday we learned that Republicans will do a whole lot more than waste time when it comes to Obamacare. In addition to threatening to shut down the government over Obamacare, they’re now threatening to manufacture a debt limit crisis and tank the entire economy unless Democrats agree to massive cuts to Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.
    According to a new poll out today, the GOP’s obsession with destroying Obamacare is wearing thin with the public. In particular, the GOP’s current effort to defund the health care law is broadly unpopular. The overwhelming majority of Democrats oppose it, 53 percent of Independent voters oppose it, and even 34 percent of Republicans oppose it.

    Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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    Fail Whale

    Aug 27, 2013 | By 

    GOP Threatens to Destroy the Economy (Again)

    As they have at every possibility opportunity since 2011, Republicans are once again manufacturing a crisis in order to demand policies rejected by the American people. This time, however, they are innovating by trying to manufacture two crises at almost precisely the same time. Speaker Boehner (R-OH) has warned Democrats and President Obama to prepare for “a whale of a fight.”
    First, the government runs out of the authority to spend money on September 30and will shut down unless Congress acts. Dozens and dozens of Republicans are calling for just such a shutdown unless Obamacare is defunded and millions of Americans are denied the security of quality, affordable health care. They are also suggesting that Democrats must agree to lock-in painful and economically damaging sequester cuts.
    (House Republicans have responded to the urgency of this situation by taking a five-week vacation and scheduling just nine days of work during the entire month of September.)
    It gets worse.
    The Treasury Department announced yesterday that the nation’s debt limit, the authority to borrow money to pay for spending Congress has already voted for, will be reached sometime in mid-October. This is weeks or even months sooner than some had anticipated.
    Just for the record: Congress already racked up these bills and it needs to raise the debt limit in order to pay them. Period. End of story. No argument.
    Nevertheless, Boehner promised Republican donors yesterday that he intends to repeat the disastrous debt limit crisis the GOP manufactured in 2011. That crisis brought us to the brink of an economy-destroying default on our obligations, actually increased the national debt, led to the first-ever downgrade of the nation’s credit rating, and dealt a severe blow to the economy.
    Boehner reportedly even acknowledged how bad things were last time the GOP took the economy hostage:
    Recalling the 2011 battle over raising the federal debt ceiling, Boehner recalled negotiations that spooked financial markets, prompted Standard & Poor’s to downgrade the U.S. credit rating and angered ordinary Americans. He warned the audience to expect more of the same.
    “I wish I could tell you it was going to be pretty and polite, and it would all be finished a month before we’d ever get to the debt ceiling. Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way,” Boehner said
    As MSNBC’s Steve Benen noted today, Republicans are the only thing standing in the way of it working that way:
    Well, it could work that way, and it used to work that way. Between 1939 and 2010, Congress raised the debt limit 89 times. In recent years, many of those votes were cast by a guy named John Boehner. Neither party took Americans hostage; neither party demanded a ransom. That was before the radicalization of the Republican Party, at which point threatening to trash the full faith and credit of the United States on purpose became acceptable.
    In the past even Boehner himself has repeatedly said that he would not use the debt ceiling for political leverage.
    Republicans are again willing to risk tanking the the entire economy in order to force Democrats to accept deep and unpopular cuts to programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Obamacare. These cuts would come on top of the job-killing austerity cuts to other domestic programs that Republicans are also demanding Democrats agree to keep.
    As he laid out his hostage-taking plan to donors, even Boehner admitted that this tactic was “unfair.” He’s right.
    The American people overwhelmingly rejected these policies last year when they overwhelmingly rejected Mitt Romney and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI). Voters also expanded the Democratic majority in the Senate and even voted for a Democratic House of Representatives, which Republicans areonly able to maintain control of thanks to the extensive gerrymandering they carried out after the 2010 census.
    BOTTOM LINE: We can’t continue govern by crisis. Republicans should drop their irresponsible threats to shut down the government and Congress simply needs to raise the debt limit in order to pay the bills it already racked up.

    Gun Fail

    Sat Aug 24, 2013 at 10:38 AM PDT


    (Click HERE to view original post, including a video)
    Let's begin this week's installment with an update on one of last week's stories. Remember Terry Dunlap, Sr.? The gun safety instructor who accidentally shot a student in his concealed carry class? Turns out that this wasn't Terry's very first accidental shooting:
    Cathy Schmelzer couldn’t believe it when she read in the newspaper that Terry J. Dunlap Sr. — a firearms instructor — had accidentally shot someone.

    “Oh no, he’s done it again!” she said she thought to herself. Schmelzer, 50, was Cathy Hessler, a 14-year-old Pickerington girl, when she was accidentally shot in 1977 by Dunlap during a Halloween hayride.

    At the time, Dunlap was a Pickerington police department auxiliary lieutenant. According to a Dispatch account back then, Dunlap said he had fired his .38-caliber handgun into the air to create, in his words, a “scary effect” while taking his daughter and her friends for a “haunted hayride” on his rural property in Fairfield County.

    Dunlap said he thought the gun was loaded with blanks. But a bullet ricocheted and hit Cathy Hessler in her right leg.
    Lots of kid victims this week, averaging out with the low total last week. Ages 2, 3, 3, 4, 12, 12, 14, 15, 15, and 16.

    Other especially noteworthy stories: the tragedy in Tennessee, in which a father's accidental discharge of his AR-15 set off an explosion and fire that killed him and his 12-year-old son, and; the day after local hero Antoinette Tuff talked down the would-be school shooter in Atlanta, a security guard at Savannah State University accidentally discharged his weapon into an occupied classroom. Two different approaches to school security, with two very different outcomes.
    [...]this week's list.
    1. BRADENTON, FL, 7/27/13: A second person of interest has been identified in the shooting that injured a 4-year-old boy in Bradenton. Detectives are looking to speak with Davian Evans-Dufrene, 21, who may have been in one of two vehicles involved in a shooting at 11:19 a.m. on July 27, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. Authorities initially believed a home had been targeted by a drive-by shooter, but later determined gunfire was exchanged between two vehicles. A stray bullet went through a bedroom window at a home on 26th Street West, striking Davien Martinez. The young boy returned home Saturday after a stint at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg. "People in one vehicle were firing at a person in another vehicle and the house was in the background and got hit," said sheriff's spokesman Dave Bristow.
    2. SOLOMON, AZ, 8/11/13: For the third time this year, a report has surfaced of a person accidentally shooting himself. Graham County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to a residence on the 5000 block of E. Main Street in Solomon at about 11:42 p.m. on Aug. 11 regarding an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound to the victim’s hand. Upon arrival, a deputy discovered the victim, Ralph Ogas, lying on the living room floor with bloody white towels wrapped around his hand. Ogas allegedly told the deputy that he was unloading his .45 caliber Ruger pistol when he accidentally switched the safety to fire, and a bullet was expelled when he let go of the gun’s slide. The bullet only grazed Ogas’ hand and was described as a “flesh wound” by paramedics from Southwest Ambulance, who treated Ogas at the scene. Ironically, Ogas said he was unloading the weapon to make it safer for his company. He said he keeps his pistol loaded with the slide locked back ready to use for protection but unloads it when he has company over, according to a Sheriff’s Office report. After grazing his hand, the bullet hit a concrete wall, sending shards of concrete onto the couch and other pieces of furniture.
    3. SALISBURY MILLS, NY, 8/16/13: A woman died Friday after she was accidentally shot in Salisbury Mills while handling her boyfriend's pistol, state police said. Kristi Babcock, 30, was holding a gun belonging to Christian Benson at 141 Sycamore St. when it fired.
    4. OPELOUSAS, LA, 8/16/13: A 15-year-old Opelousas teenager has been declared clinically brain dead after a shooting incident on Friday, the first day of school. Opelousas Police Chief Perry Gallow said the teenager didn’t go to school that day, but instead was playing with his brother and two other young men. Exactly what happened is still unknown, but Gallow said it appears the young men had somehow acquired a handgun and were playing with it. For reasons still under investigation, the gun discharged, striking the victim in the head.
    5. DALLAS, TX, 8/16/13: Zackery's misery began last Friday afternoon at the Good Haven Apartments on High Hill Boulevard, not far from the Cedar Crest Golf Course. Dallas police arrived at around 1 p.m. to find the 19-year-old sitting in the front passenger seat of a silver 2007 Honda Civic, blood seeping from a gunshot wound in his leg. What actually happened was that Zackery had accidentally shot himself. She hadn't wanted to say so because he's on probation (he pleaded guilty in March to stealing a car) and, she claimed is a gang member, affiliating himself with the Bloods. She showed officers to a nearby apartment where they recovered the gun -- a Ruger, recently reported stolen in Grand Prairie -- hidden inside Zackery's shoe.
    6. HOWARD CO., IN, 8/17/13: A man was killed Saturday evening in an apparent accidental shooting while he was hunting, police said. Howard County sheriff's deputies were called to the 11300 block of West 100 South, west of Kokomo, just before 6:30 p.m. after dispatchers received a 911 call about the shooting. Witnesses told police the victim, Joseph Steele, 28, had been hunting with family members in a wooded area just south of his home. "Witnesses stated they had split up and at some point had lost sight of the victim. One of the hunters fired at a distance at what he perceived to be a squirrel. Moments later, the victim yelled out that he'd been shot," Howard County sheriff's Capt. Greg Hargrove said in a news release. Steele was shot in the chest, but he was able to talk with witnesses before he lost consciousness.
    7. BROOKLYN, NY, 8/17/13: An NYPD officer is in stable condition after accidentally shooting himself in the leg while holstering his weapon. The NYPD said the incident happened after the officer responded to a domestic dispute in Brooklyn around 8 p.m. on Saturday. The New York Daily News reported that the gun accidentally discharged as the officer was holstering his weapon inside the home in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. The officer, who has not been identified, is a rookie, the Daily News reported. The officer was rushed to Kings County Hospital with a gunshot wound to the kneecap.
    8. SUMMERVILLE, SC, 8/17/13: A 77-year-old man accidentally shot himself in the foot at a Summerville gun range, according to the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office. Spokesman Dan Moon says the man was practicing at the firing range at the ATP Gun Shop along College Park Road this morning when the accident occurred. An employee at the ATP Gun Shop told Live 5 that the business has "no comment."
    9. MADISON TOWNSHIP, OH, 8/17/13: A 45-year-old man accidentally shot himself in the hand and left thigh after handling a gun he had just cleaned around 9 p.m. Saturday. The Piper Road area resident told Richland County Sheriff’s deputies he was considering buying a gun from a friend, but it was so dirty he took it home to clean it. The 45-year-old said he cleaned it and put it back in the case. He then pulled it back out to look at it, and pulled the slide back when he hit the decocking lever. “I must have hit the trigger and it went off,” he told deputies, according to sheriff’s reports.
    10. BEATRICE, NE, 8/17/13: A 16-year-old youth was taken to a hospital Saturday, after he was accidentally shot in the leg, about two miles west of Beatrice. Gage County Sheriff Millard “Gus” Gustafson says the 16-year-old was transported to a hospital with a non-life threatening wound to his leg.
    11. BEAUFORT, SC, 8/17/13:  A 23-year-old man was hospitalized after he shot himself in the leg early Saturday morning, a Beaufort Police Department spokeswoman said Monday. Beaufort police officers were handling a disturbance at Club Encore on Burton Hill Road caused by a patron who refused to leave at about 2 a.m. Saturday when they heard a single gunshot, Beaufort police spokeswoman Cpl. Hope Able said. Officers found the man injured by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his leg. He was taken by ambulance to Beaufort Memorial Hospital, Able said.
    12. CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI, 8/17/13: A 26-year-old Chesterfield Township man accidentally shot himself in the evening of Aug. 17 while trying to show his girlfriend how to handle and clean a gun, according to police. The man was rushed from his home at the 48300 block of Harbor to a local hospital, where he was treated for a groin wound.
    13. MISSOULA, MT, 8/18/13: A 23-year-old Missoula man died early Sunday morning from a gunshot wound to the chest. Missoula police and emergency responders were called to an apartment complex at 730 Turner St. on the north side of town at 12:05 a.m. by a person who reported an accidental shooting. When police arrived, they found the 23-year-old unresponsive with a gunshot to his chest, said Sgt. Jake Rosling. The alleged shooter is a 21-year-old Missoula man and an acquaintance of the deceased, Rosling said. A third person, who reported the incident, was at the scene at the time of the shooting. Although the incident remains under investigation and details are still emerging, the gun fired was a pistol, Rosling said. UPDATE: The Missoula Police Department has released the name of the Missoula man who was killed by a bullet fired from his own gun early Sunday. Chad Goodman, 23, died after an acquaintance shot him while they were examining and talking about the loaded semi-automatic handgun, police said. The firearm belonged to Goodman, police reported, but Goodman and the other man had exchanged the gun while talking about it.
    14. DUNDEE, MI, 8/18/13:  A 3 1/2-year-old boy in southeastern Michigan has died after accidentally shooting himself in the head. Dundee police say Damon Holbrook picked up a loaded gun that belonged to a man who was staying in the home. He was pronounced dead Sunday at a hospital in Ann Arbor. Sgt. Tom Redmond says a man returned from work and left the gun on the floor of a bedroom closet. The man’s name hasn’t been released. He’s in jail on a charge of manslaughter with gross negligence. He’s due in court Monday.
    15. ST. LOUIS, MO, 8/18/13: St. Louis police have released a surveillance image showing two men suspected of firing a gun, and accidentally injuring a 12-year-old girl. Police were called to the 1500 block of Carr around 7:49 p.m. Sunday after two men fired several shots during an altercation in and around Loretta Hall Park near 15th and Cole streets. The suspects ran from the scene north and west, toward O'Fallon Place. A stray bullet hit the hand of a 12-year-old girl playing in the park. She was transported to an area hospital in serious but stable condition.
    16. KESWICK, CA, 8/18/13: A man accidentally shot himself in the leg Sunday evening in Keswick. The shooting occurred at about 12:35 a.m. in the 16000 block of California Street in Keswick, near Sacramento Street, according to dispatchers. Sgt. Steve Grashoff said the man - whose name he did not immediately recall - is a former state prison inmate back in Shasta County through Assembly Bill 109, the state's public safety realignment program. Grashoff said the man slung the shotgun over his shoulder and accidentally shot himself in the back of the knee. He will be charged for possessing the gun, Grashoff said, since offenders on probation aren't allowed to have them.
    17. HURON, TN, 8/18/13: The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating the deaths of a father and son after a fatal fire reportedly started after the accidental discharge of an AR-15 rifle. According to a TBI spokesperson, the Henderson County Fire and Sheriff’s Departments responded to the fire and explosion in the 2900 block of McCaney Mill Road in Huron, Sunday. Witnesses said that Terry York, 48, who lived at the residence with his family, was showing a friend the AR-15 rifle when it discharged accidentally. The witness told investigators that a fire and possible explosion ensued instantaneously. The person who witnessed the incident was able to escape the engulfed home, but Terry York and his 12 year-old son Luke had to be pulled out of the burning house.
    18. GOLDEN VALLEY, AZ, 8/18/13: A Golden Valley man was wounded in an accidental shooting on Sunday, August 18. The Mohave County Sheriff’s office investigated the incident reported at a swap meet in the 3200 block of N Bacobi Road. Agency spokeswoman Trish Carter said David Allen Matheson, 52, Golden Valley was transported to Kingman Regional Medical Center for treatment of a non-life threatening gunshot wound to his upper left leg. Carter said Matheson told deputies his .45 caliber handgun accidentally discharged when he was loading an ammunition magazine.
    19. JENNINGS, MO, 8/19/13: A man who suffered a gunshot wound and crashed a Jeep into a home in Jennings on Monday night has changed his story to police. At first, the man told police he had been shot at a grocery store in Moline Acres. Now he says he accidentally shot himself. The incident happened at about 8:30 p.m. Monday. The man was bleeding from a gunshot wound to the left calf when he plowed his Jeep into the garage of a home at 8835 Sumter Avenue. The family inside the home was unhurt. The injured man told officers that his friend found a gun a few days ago and he was told to get rid of it, according to St. Louis County Police Officer Randy Vaughn. The man said he was playing with the gun when he pulled the trigger, not knowing there was a bullet in the chamber. He told police he shot himself in the calf.
    20. BROWNWOOD, TX, 8/19/13: Brownwood Police were called to the 1500 block of Durham Avenue regarding a weapons offense/disorderly conduct. According to the report, multiple calls were received reporting gun shots in the area of the 1200 block of Avenue G and Avenue H. The shots were heard by an officer who was in the area on an unrelated call, the report states. After speaking with numerous individuals in the neighborhood, contact was made at a residence in the 1500 block of Durham where several empty casings were found in the driveway, the report states. Officers spoke with 40-year-old Derek Jason Montemayor, who after being read his Miranda rights indicated he had fired shots in the air while he was cleaning his gun, according to the report. Montemayor was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.
    21. TURNER, ME, 8/19/13: A 57-year-old man was shot to death Monday afternoon by another worker, who was shooting rodents and stray chickens in a barn at the egg farm where they were working. The shooting appears unintentional but investigators are working to determine why the man with the .22-caliber rifle did not make sure there was nobody in his field of fire, said Deputy Attorney General William Stokes. Investigators also want to know what workplace safety procedures are in place to prevent such incidents from happening. "When using a deadly weapon, obviously, there is a higher duty of care," Stokes said. "The person who may have discharged the weapon may not have even known what happened until police started to re-create the sequence of events." The victim was found some distance away from where he was shot, and police followed a trail of blood as they tried to piece together events, Stokes said. The egg barns are vast, almost the size of a football field. It's not clear if the victim heard the gun being fired, but Stokes said the small-caliber rifle does not make a loud noise when discharged and there may have been loud machinery, such as fans, obscuring the noise, he said.
    22. MERSERVEY, IA, 8/19/13: Cerro Gordo County Sheriff Kevin Pals said his department is investigating a shooting accident that wounded a Meservey man. Nicholas Scott Henning, 34, was transported to Iowa Specialty Hospital in Belmond by a private party on Tuesday. Belmond police were notified of the gunshot wound at 9:22 a.m. Tuesday and then contacted the Sheriff’s Department. According to a press release issued by Pals, Henning told authorities he accidentally discharged a firearm Monday night with the bullet striking him in the leg. The type of gun was not disclosed. The incident took place at his home at 429 First St. in Meservey.
    23. BRADENTON, FL, 8/19/13: A 35-year-old man accidently shot himself in the left leg Monday, according to authorities. The incident occurred at 8:15 p.m. in the 3300 block of 36th Avenue East, according to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report. The victim was driving a car with his girlfriend seated next to him when he reached over to the glove box and removed his pistol. The pistol was a 1911A1 with its hammer back, its safety off, un-holstered and a live round in the chamber, according to the report. As the victim was handling the gun, it discharged and the round entered his left leg.
    24. NORTH AUGUSTA, SC, 8/20/13: A security guard is in the hospital this morning after accidentally shooting himself. North Augusta Department of Public Safety responded to 1100 Dittman Court around 7:30 this morning. They found a security guard with an accidental, self-inflicted gun shot wound. Officials say he was putting the gun in the holster when it went off. He was transported by ambulance with a minor gunshot wound to the leg.
    25. LILBURN, GA, 8/20/13: Gwinnett County police are investigating a shooting that killed a 2-year-old boy in Lilburn. A witness told Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach the shooting took place by the garage door of a home on Stafford Drive in unincorporated Lilburn on Tuesday night. Bullets flew toward the street, and one hit and killed the toddler in the driveway, police said. A witness told Gehlbach that the boy’s father came to the house and got into an argument with the boy’s grandfather. She said the grandfather pulled the trigger, but that she thinks the shooting was an accident. “He didn’t mean to, but he was trying to scare off the guy. The guy shoved him to the ground, so that’s how it started. He shoved him to the ground and he got up and he had the gun and started shooting,” the witness said. Police said they think the man was trying to shoot someone else and the toddler was hit by mistake.
    26. BURR RIDGE, IL, 8/20/13: A Burr Ridge man has been charged with unlawful gun possession after his friend was accidentally shot in the stomach by a gun in the man's home Tuesday night and it was discovered he wasn't a registered gun owner. Mark H. Reinesto, 57, of the 7600 block of South Hamilton Avenue, Burr Ridge, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition without a firearm owner’s identification (FOID) card, according to a release from the Burr Ridge Police Department. “The man said he and Reinesto were looking at a loaded antique gun in Reinesto’s home when he dropped it, and the gun went off, striking him in the stomach,” the police department release reads.
    27. SAVANNAH, GA, 8/21/13: A Savannah State University public safety officer's firearm discharged Wednesday morning, sending a bullet through two windows before it came to a stop in a classroom wall. University spokeswoman Loretta Heyward said the officer's weapon fired during either a training exercise or a demonstration. The bullet went through a window of the C wing of the Hubert Tech Science Building, where the Department of Public Safety is housed, then through the window of an A wing classroom, where it lodged in the wall. There was a class in session in the room where the bullet came to rest, but no injuries were reported, Heyward said.
    28. CHEYENNE, WY, 8/21/13: A 3-year-old boy in Cheyenne found a loaded handgun in a bag and shot himself in the leg. Laramie County Sheriff's officials say the boy was treated at the Cheyenne hospital and released later in the day Wednesday. Sheriff's officials got the report about 7:45 a.m. They say the boy shot himself once in the calf while he was playing with the gun inside a house.
    29. NEW BOSTON, TX, 8/21/13: Authorities say a teenager has died in an apparent accidental shooting while with several other youths at a car wash in Northeast Texas. King says the shooting of the youth does not appear to be intentional and nobody was immediately arrested. More info: A New Boston High School senior is dead after an apparent accidental shooting by the school’s quarterback, officials said late Wednesday. Semaj Williams was fatally shot about 10 p.m. Wednesday at Fawcett Car Wash in downtown New Boston near the T&P Trailhead Park.
    30. SEATTLE, WA, 8/21/13:  A 14-year-old boy has non-life threatening injuries after accidentally shooting himself in the leg Wednesday. Police responded to the 7100 block of 38th Avenue South to find a 14-year-old boy who had been shot in the leg, below his knee. The boy lead police to believe he had been shot by a male suspect who had fled the scene in a green SUV. Gang Unit detectives uncovered that the shooting was self-inflicted, and the victim had shot himself while passing around a handgun on a basketball court.
    31. ROMANCE, AR, 8/21/13: The White County Sheriff's Department has ruled that the victim in a deadly Wednesday morning shooting accidentally shot himself. Chief Deputy Phillip Miller said the sheriff's department identified the victim as Donald Fletcher Rouse, 20, of Romance. Rouse was found to have an apparent gunshot wound to the head. Witness interviews, evidence and the preliminary autopsy report led authorities to conclude that Rouse accidentally shot himself. First responders were called to the 100 block of Swink Lane in Romance around 2:30 Wednesday morning in reference to a person with a gunshot wound. Deputies said they found Rouse in the front yard of the home.
    32. REDONDO BEACH, CA, 8/21/13: A Redondo Beach woman was arrested early Wednesday after she fired a bullet that ricocheted into her boyfriend's face. The boyfriend was arrested for getting angry and hitting her, police said. The couple were taken into custody shortly after the 12:50 a.m. shooting at an apartment in the 500 block of The Esplanade. The couple were using a pellet gun to shoot at a target in the apartment, but the woman retrieved a real handgun and fired it. The bullet ricocheted and struck the boyfriend's face. Police said alcohol was involved. Karen Benjestorf, 37, of Rolling Hills Estates was arrested on suspicion of a negligent discharge of a firearm. Ronald Barker, 43, of Redondo Beach was arrested on suspicion of battery.
    33. AUGUSTA, GA, 8/21/13: An Augusta man called Richmond County authorities Thursday after discovering that a bullet had been fired into his home overnight. The 60-year-old said he was outside his home on the 100 block of D Court checking a water valve when he noticed a hole in a window, according to a Richmond County Sheriff’s Office incident report. When a deputy arrived, he went inside the home and followed the bullet’s trajectory. According to his notes, the bullet passed through a TV and struck a wall. It was found underneath a dresser that held the TV.
    34. ST. LOUIS, MO, 8/22/13: A 30-year-old St. Louis cop is currently recovering in the hospital from an accidental, self-inflicted wound, cops say. The officer -- with five years of service -- was training on-duty at a firing range during a weapons exercise with SWAT officers, St. Louis Metropolitan Police officials say. He accidentally fired a shot that struck his left foot just before 2 p.m. The incident happened on the 2100 Gasconade Street, police say.
    35. ST. LOUIS, MO: 8/22/13: A 20-year-old man with mental disabilities apparently accidentally shot and killed his 15-year-old sister Thursday afternoon in St. Louis, police say. The man told police he didn’t know the gun was real, according to authorities. St. Louis Police Lt. John Green said that the man and his family moved into a home in the 4600 block of San Francisco Avenue a few days ago, and that the man had found a shotgun — spray-painted gold — hidden behind a dresser. The gun belonged to a friend of the family and was there when the family moved in, Green said. The shooter’s mother told police she had tried to hide the shotgun.
    36. MEMPHIS, TN, 8/22/13: A Memphis, Tenn., kindergarten student is in police custody after he fired a gun in his elementary school cafeteria Thursday morning. The incident didn't result in any injuries, and school is back in normal operation, school officials said. The Westside Elementary School student, 5, brought the gun to school in his backpack Thursday morning, according to school officials at Westside and at the Shelby County schools superintendent's office. While waiting for the opening bell in the cafeteria, the gun accidentally discharged once inside the boy's backpack at about 7:42 a.m. CT during breakfast and before school started at 8 a.m., school officials said.
    37. READING, OH, 8/22/13: A 2-year-old girl is recovering after she was accidentally shot late Thursday in Reading. Officers responded to a report of a child shot in the “lower extremities” about 7:22 p.m. at 7 Lakeview Drive in the Lakeshore apartment complex, police said in a prepared statement. Police classify the incident as an accidental shooting and say there are no suspects.
    38. WAKE FOREST, NC, 8/22/13: A woman accidentally discharged her gun and shot herself in the hand Thursday night inside the Staples store in Wake Forest. The shooting was reported just after 7 p.m., and the woman was taken to WakeMed in Raleigh. Another shopper, Kelli Hamilton, said that as a gun owner, she is surprised an accident like that could happen. "I got my concealed-carry license," she said. "I took the class in March and didn't receive it until July. They do a very thorough background check. You're supposed to go to class, and if you pay attention in that class, things like this shouldn't be happening." More info: Authorities say the mother was shopping with her child in the store when then child reached in her bag. The mother went to grab the gun and it went off, shooting herself in the hand. The mother, 29-year-old Danielle Hayes, is expected to be charged with failure to secure a firearm from a minor. She did have a carry conceal permit.
    39. LEHIGH ACRES, FL, 8/22/13: The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has identified the woman shot during a Thursday incident in Lehigh Acres as Ashley Pruitt. Deputies responded to a shooting at 4923 28th St. SW and discovered Pruitt in the bedroom of the residence suffering from a gunshot to the head, according to a sheriff’s office report. Investigators said Pruitt was initially reluctant to discuss the incident, but she later said the shooting was an accident. She said she was in a bedroom and Dukes was “near the doorway playing with an unknown type of firearm when the gun accidentally went off,” according to the report.
    40. CHEROKEE CO., GA, 8/22/13: One suspect was dead and two others on the run after an alleged carjacking led to gunfire and a crash Thursday afternoon, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office said. The wreck happened near the 5000 block Ga. 92, just west of Wade Green Road, Lt. Jay Baker told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Investigators believe a trio of suspects took a man’s Dodge Charger at a nearby apartment complex, Baker said. The car’s owner was in the backseat with one suspect and the two other suspects were in the front as the car was driving, he said. “According to the victim, one of the suspects was hitting him in the head with a firearm and the gun discharged,” Baker said in an emailed statement. “Moments later, the car left the roadway and struck a tree.” The car ran off the road, down a ditch and struck a tree near Poplar Valley mobile home park, Baker said. The suspect driving the Charger was shot in the back and died at the scene.

    Originally posted to David Waldman on Sat Aug 24, 2013 at 10:38 AM PDT.

    Tuesday, August 27, 2013

    Let's just analyze the GOP for a moment...

    Republican talkers

    Perhaps he's aged and senile?

    Where do you get YOUR moral values?

    NRA is a dangerous, subversive organization

    From Daily Kos
    (Click HERE to read more)

    Database-hating National Rifle Association may very well have you in its database if you own a gun (meteor Blades)
    Wednesday, August 21, 2013, 5:58 pm

    One of the mainstays of the argument the National Rifle Association and other gun lobby groups have made against universal background checks for gun sales is that this would create a database that would amount to a backdoor registration system which would eventually be used to confiscate some or all firearms. That was one of the key arguments that stopped the watered-down Manchin-Toomey gun safety legislation in April.

    Universal background checks don't require a registry. Background checks mandated for commercial sales don't produce such a registry. Which is not to say that a registry is a bad idea.

    Indeed, for the past 79 years, there has been a registry that was initiated under the National Firearms Act of 1934. It requires anyone who wants to buy a machine-gun or other fully automatic firearm, silencer or gadget-gun (like a cane gun) undergo a thorough FBI background check, pay a tax and have their name and the weapon they have purchased added to a registry, which was long ago turned into a computer database. In all those years, there has been no confiscation of the hundreds of thousands of weapons registered on that database, no harassment of their owners, no midnight knocks at the door.

    But, as pointed out by TriSec, the NRA is not so skittish when it comes to the database the organization itself maintains:

    But in fact, the sort of vast, secret database the NRA often warns of already exists, despite having been assembled largely without the knowledge or consent of gun owners. It is housed in the Virginia offices of the NRA itself. The country's largest privately held database of current, former, and prospective gun owners is one of the powerful lobby's secret weapons, expanding its influence well beyond its estimated 3 million members and bolstering its political supremacy.

    Things our founding fathers said

    “When a religion is good, I conceive it will support itself; and when it does not support itself, and God does not take care to support it so that its professors are obligated to call for help of the civil power, it’s a sign, I apprehend, of its being a bad one.”
    ~Benjamin Franklin, letter to Richard Price, October 9, 1780

    Shooting report

    Too many bad guys have too many guns. We need to pass laws that will reduce the number of guns getting into the hands of people that shouldn't have them They are NOT toys - they are killing tools.