tar sands dirtiest oil on earth
An “independent study” on Keystone XL tar sands Pipeline was closely linked to fossil fuel companies. Quel surprise! If that’s what it takes to garner support, then this filthy undertaking should be scrapped ASAP.
Allow me to remind you that the tar sands pipeline (scroll) is the “biggest carbon bomb on the planet.” Think Progress and Van Jones both remind us that the project will create only 35 permanent jobs, but will emit 51 coal plants’ worth of carbon. Plus, much of the oil would be exported elsewhere. We’d be way better off investing in clean energy instead of a costly, dirty catastrophe-in-waiting like the tar sands mess.
Bill McKibben and NASA’s Jim Hansen both warn that it would be “essentially game over for the climate” if this crackpot project gets the go-ahead.
But now, a glimmer of good news: Two of three government agencies have come out swinging against the impact of this disaster-in-waiting on the environment. The Interior Department sent a 12-page letter warning that the tar sands project could have “long-term, damaging effects on wildlife.”