Monday, November 30, 2009

Religion and Politics

I pieced this together from an audio track I found on Usenet and some images gathered from several different places. The audio track was entitled "Scott Beach - Religion and Politics" and sounds like Scott was doing the bit all in one breath.

What Is This "Teabagging?"

From Acerbic Politics

Republican Logic As Told By Jseus

From Acerbic Politics

Democrats Behaving Badly

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Find The Birther

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Health Reform Democrats Should REALLY Be Pushing

From Acerbic Politics

Sarah Palin - What Is She Up To Now?

From Acerbic Politics

Sarah Palin - "Going Rogue" - A Definition

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Right-Wing Christmas Celebrations

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The Big Business Pledge

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Weak-Kneed Democrats

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The GOP Plan

Republicans CAN Be Funny

The source for the story below is HERE...

In early October, The Lodge, a Dallas strip club, was reported to have received an Entrepreneur award from Newt Gingrich's American Solutions for Winning the Future (ASWF) group, only to have it taken away. When one wins such an award, a $5,000 donation is necessary, and that was refunded, and the cash was redirected to a different cause: an animal shelter.

Dawn Rizos, owner of The Lodge, redirected the money to Animal Guardians of America's sanctuary for rescued dogs in Celina, about 35 miles north of Dallas. The new shelter, called “Newt’s Nook: A Home For Pit Bulls” is now open. For some reason, Gingrich didn't attend the opening of the shelter.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dear Teabaggers,

Another video scarfed from the Usenet...

Even Conservatives Think Glenn Beck Is A Hate Monger

Yet another video I grabbed from Usenet...

Farting Beck

A take-off on an old viral video of a TV evangelist who farts...

Another video I found on Usenet.

Friday, November 27, 2009

British Comedians' Take On American Health Care Debate

This video also found on Usenet...

Where Does Republican Ignorance Come From?

I got this video from Usenet...

Alan Grayson - Progressive Hero?

I found this clip on Usenet...

Sarah Palin Gets Punk'd Again

Once again Sarah Palin was put in the position of embarrassing herself by a Canadian comedienne. Sarah has now gone and trasehd the much beloved Canadian health care system. For a synopsis of the story as well as a video,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dana Perino On Terrorism

Apparently the attacks on the U.S. during President Bush's term, on September 11, 2001, were such a small event that they aren't even worth taking into account. Just more evidence of the stupidity of those on the right.

Catholics Want You To Suffer

This is incredible (From Daily Kos - Click the link to read more)...

Not content with being Bart Stupak's puppet-masters, pulling the strings to strip all abortion coverage out of healthcare reform, end all of their social service programs in DC if the city goes forward with a proposed gay marriage law, refusing communion to Catholics because of their political beliefs, the Bishops have outdone themselves on this one. David Dayen reports:

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops released an "Ethical and Religious Directive" this month that would ban any Catholic hospital, nursing home or hospice program from removing feeding tubes or ending palliative procedures of any kind, even when the individual has an advance directive to guide their end-of-life care. The Bishops’ directive even notes that patient suffering is redemptive and brings the individual closer to Christ....

Sarah Palin Supporters

There's no telling how much editing was done to make this video of
"The Stupids" stepping out to support Sarah Palin, but it seems to be a telling documentary. It runs a little over 8 minutes.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hardball Interview: Catholics on Abortion


Afghanistan Expenses

The following is from Gawker - click HERE to read the rest of the article...

The Pentagon is mad at the White House because the White House insists on giving an accurate prediction of the cost of troop escalation in Afghanistan.

See, the White House budget office calculated that adding 40,000 troops would cost $40 billion a year. The Pentagon, amusingly, decided to calculate the cost per-troop, instead of a big yearly lump sum, and also their estimate was precisely half what the White House predicted.

But, whoops, one of those Pentagon memos, where they hide the "truth" about things, leaked to the LA Times.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Long Overdue

In an open Democracy, this situation should never have been allowed to develop to begin with...

Ryan Grim at Huffington Post has the details on the intrigue going on in the House yesterday with efforts to finally audit the Federal Reserve and find out where all those trillions of dollars are going.

In an unprecedented defeat for the Federal Reserve, an amendment to audit the multi-trillion dollar institution was approved by the House Finance Committee with an overwhelming and bipartisan 43-26 vote on Thursday afternoon despite harried last-minute lobbying from top Fed officials and the surprise opposition of Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who had previously been a supporter.

The measure, cosponsored by Reps. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), authorizes the Government Accountability Office to conduct a wide-ranging audit of the Fed's opaque deals with foreign central banks and major U.S. financial institutions. The Fed has never had a real audit in its history and little is known of what it does with the trillions of dollars at its disposal.

The amendment expressly blocks Congress from interfering with the independence of monetary policy decision-making, but opponents of the measure said that the political pressure would inevitably follow.

From Crooks and Liars

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Learn To Speak Like A Teabagger

Click HERE or click on the image to jump to the video. One of the best political humor videos I've seen in a while.

The Republican Prayerful

From Acerbic Politics

What amazes me most is that people continue to vote for, and elect, these self-righteous sinners.

Republicans on the Sanctity of Marriage

From Acerbic Politics

What is it? Two divorces and three marriages each - but they preach on the sanctity of marriage? Idiots.

Republican Jesus On Abortion

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Republican Home Away From Home

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Republicans Loves Them Some War

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What Republicans Are Good At

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Another Perspective on Fireworks

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They Who Think The Should Rule The Earth

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Extra Large Rat

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


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Joined At The Brain (and Wallet)

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Religion In The Daylight

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The Difference

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Republican Protesters

One Thing you can say about those who profess to believe in conservative principles even though it is not in their own best interests - they is STOOPID. (I think the signs are supposed to read, "Euthanasia.")

From Acerbic Politics

The Truth Behind the Republican Lament

From Acerbic Politics

Why We Borrow

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Glenn Beck's Plea For Help

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Glenn Beck's Dressing Room

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Flag Wavers

Remember the Republican mantra of years gone by, "America - love it or leave it?" I guess that only applied to the days THEY were in control. Seems a bit different now, doesn't it?

From Acerbic Politics

Saturday, November 14, 2009

From My Neck Of The Woods

Recount Tightens Race For Congress; Hoffman Camp Wonders If He Conceded Too Soon

Nov 13, 2009 at 1:15 pm

Did Doug Hoffman give up too soon?

At least one of his campaign staffers thinks that might be true, after revised numbers show the race for Congress is closer than it appeared to be on Election Night.

Numbers compiled by Jude Seymour of the Watertown Daily Times show that Democrat Bill Owens still holds a 3,000 vote lead over Conservative-endorsed-by-Republicans-at-the-last-minute Doug Hoffman. The margin on Election Night was 5,000 votes, enough for Hoffman to concede defeat.

Owens was quickly sworn in and provided a crucial yes vote on the House’s health care reform package.

So, the question: Can Hoffman still win after all the absentee ballots are counted?



Welcoming Dad Home From Afghanistan

Great Rant From Gary Lawson At Gawker

Carrie Prejean didn't take that call [on Larry King] because she's a vicious, hateful idiot who has been propped up by gay men and women her entire pageant career and then totally sold them out for a shot at pathetic, fifteen-minute, fried American fame. And now she has to pay the piper for her devil's bargain and she's typically fucking unwilling to deal with it. She is as stringent and wholesale an example of the Christian Right's despicable doublespeak and hatred that has been poisoning our country for too long as there is in modern American society. She's an avatar, she's a monster. Carrie Prejean is a hateful bigot who will not tolerate being called on her shit. And we should not give her any amount of credence for it. That any member of the media, old Triceratops Larry King included, would give her any kind of due is just another shameful and sad example of the fact that rhetoric against gay people in this country is tacitly tolerated by popular media, because some wingnut idiots who believe that someone lived inside a whale for a few months threaten righteous rage if said media doesn't give lip service to their ridiculous, completely untrue, ancient assertions about what makes people's sexuality. The tyranny of religion in this country MUST END if we expect to get anything good and decent and progressive done in this fucked up swamp of a nation we live in. I've had it with this spectacular waste of life, and I've had it with people like Larry King putting up with her bullshit to meet a bottom line. I'm fucking done. I'm outraged. Say "Who cares about Carrie Prejean??" all you want, I CARE. This woman is an enormous example of why gay teenagers across this country kill themselves in droves every year. Gayness is equated with ugliness in every arena. Figures it was a beauty queen who should point this out.

source: Gawker

Catholic Church Becoming Politically Active

Catholic Church gives D.C. ultimatum.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington said Wednesday that it will be unable to continue the social service programs it runs for the District if the city doesn't change a proposed same-sex marriage law, a threat that could affect tens of thousands of people the church helps with adoption, homelessness and health care.

Under the bill, headed for a D.C. Council vote next month, religious organizations would not be required to perform or make space available for same-sex weddings. But they would have to obey city laws prohibiting discrimination against gay men and lesbians.

Fearful that they could be forced, among other things, to extend employee benefits to same-sex married couples, church officials said they would have no choice but to abandon their contracts with the city.

"If the city requires this, we can't do it," Susan Gibbs, spokeswoman for the archdiocese, said Wednesday. "The city is saying in order to provide social services, you need to be secular. For us, that's really a problem."

Getting The Facts Straight

It's funny when even Fox News has to correct misinformation spread by Mrs. Palin...

Friday, November 13, 2009

You didn't get mad...

You didn't get mad when the Supreme Court stopped a legal recount and appointed a President.

You didn't get mad when VP Cheney allowed Energy company officials to dictate energy Policy.

You didn't get mad when a covert CIA Operative was revealed.

You didn't get mad when the Patriot Act was passed.

You didn't get mad when we illegally invaded Iraq looking for WMD'S that didn't exist.

You didn't get mad when we spent over 600 Billion dollars(and counting) on Iraq War.

You didn't get mad when over 10 billion dollars just disappeared in Iraq.

You didn't get mad when Bush was illegally wiretapping us at home and work.

You didn't get mad when Bush borrowed money to give to the oil companies.

You didn't get mad when we didn't catch Bin Laden.

You didn't get mad when you saw the horrible Conditions at Walter Reed.

You didn't get mad when we let New Orleans drown.

You didn't get mad when Bush got 4,500 soldiers killed.

You didn't get mad when the deficit hit the trillion dollar mark.

You finally got mad when---- The government decided that people in America
deserved the right to see a doctor if they are sick.

Illegal wars, lies, corruption, torture, giving your tax dollars to super-rich, are all OK with you?
But helping other Americans is the last straw?

Seven presidents have tried to pass a Health Care Plan of some sort and
have failed. None have had the "hate filled" opposition of this president.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's All Obama's Fault

Click on the image to view larger.

Obama Still Supports/Allows Rendition

Rendition - we send our captured Taliban/Al Quaeda prisoners to overseas prisons to be tortured by our dictator friends.