Saturday, November 14, 2009

Great Rant From Gary Lawson At Gawker

Carrie Prejean didn't take that call [on Larry King] because she's a vicious, hateful idiot who has been propped up by gay men and women her entire pageant career and then totally sold them out for a shot at pathetic, fifteen-minute, fried American fame. And now she has to pay the piper for her devil's bargain and she's typically fucking unwilling to deal with it. She is as stringent and wholesale an example of the Christian Right's despicable doublespeak and hatred that has been poisoning our country for too long as there is in modern American society. She's an avatar, she's a monster. Carrie Prejean is a hateful bigot who will not tolerate being called on her shit. And we should not give her any amount of credence for it. That any member of the media, old Triceratops Larry King included, would give her any kind of due is just another shameful and sad example of the fact that rhetoric against gay people in this country is tacitly tolerated by popular media, because some wingnut idiots who believe that someone lived inside a whale for a few months threaten righteous rage if said media doesn't give lip service to their ridiculous, completely untrue, ancient assertions about what makes people's sexuality. The tyranny of religion in this country MUST END if we expect to get anything good and decent and progressive done in this fucked up swamp of a nation we live in. I've had it with this spectacular waste of life, and I've had it with people like Larry King putting up with her bullshit to meet a bottom line. I'm fucking done. I'm outraged. Say "Who cares about Carrie Prejean??" all you want, I CARE. This woman is an enormous example of why gay teenagers across this country kill themselves in droves every year. Gayness is equated with ugliness in every arena. Figures it was a beauty queen who should point this out.

source: Gawker

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