Wednesday, February 28, 2007

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Did You Know - Paul Barnes

From Playboy, April 2007...

Just weeks after Ted Haggard, the right-wing shill and chair of some right-wing religious organization, came out and admitted he was abusing drugs and homosexual prostitutes, one of his buddies came out as well. Paul Barnes, another right-wing preacher and ideologue, from Englewood, CO., who preached of the sins of homosexuality and the evils of a left-wing lifestyle, had to leave his pulpit after acknowledging that he's been a homosexual since he was 5-years-old. "I can't tell you the number of nights I have cried myself to sleep , begging God to take this away. Of all the things to be saddled with, why did it have to be this?"

Number one, Mr. Barnes, is that you are looking for a version of God that does not exist. He didn't give you the homosexuality and He won't take it away. Secondly, stop trying to be someone you are not - make peace with yourself and stop trying to preach lies about other gay people who have made that peace.

Hypocrite of the day.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Political Photos - Bush

Did You Know - Military Costs

From Raw Story, reporting on a New York Times (requires free registration) Story...

The New York Times reports that for many soldiers, "the repercussions, chaos and loneliness of wartime deployments are one of the toughest, least discussed byproducts of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Time spent away from spouses and families has "left a trail of badly strained or broken unions, many severed by adultery or sexual addictions; overburdened spouses, some of whom are reaching for antidepressants; financial turmoil brought on by rising debts, lost wages and overspending; emotionally bruised children whose grades sometimes plummet; and angst-ridden parents who at times turn on each other," writes Lizette Alvarez.

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Did You Know - Rev. Lonnie Latham

A Baptist minister, named Lonnie W. Latham, was arrested on Jan 3, 2006 for soliciting sex from a male police officer. Prior to his arrest, Lonnie had supported resolutions calling for gays and lesbians to reject their way of life. So, did Lonnie apologize? No. Did he admit his hypocrisy? No.

In fact, Mr. Hypocrite has filed a lawsuit claiming that he has the constitutional right (free speech) to solicit sex from a policeman (no money was offered in exchange.)

Now get this - I really don't care what sort of sex Mr. Latham engages in - it's just the direct contrast between his actions and words that drive me nuts.

From the Kansas City Star

Monday, February 26, 2007

Political Fun in Photos

Is Vice-President Dick Cheney an evil bastard? Well, he comes from a long line of "fiendish fowls."

You can just tell from his demeanor and his expressions, ignoring just for the moment his aggressive foreign policy, this is one mean man.

"If you can't win them over with a little sugar, then take 'em out!" -- VP Cheney on a recent hunting trip.

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Did You Know - Jim West

Hypocrites Unite! Jim West is the mayor of Spokane, Washington and a former state senate leader. While serving in his state senate, Jim voted a conservative line: banning gay marriage; barring homosexuals from working in schools and/or day care centers; and he supported making sexual touching between unmarried teenagers a misdemeanor. Yet, Mayor West has now been accused of sexually molesting two boys while he was their Boy Scout leader (he denies the accusation) and of having sex with men (which he admits).

But because the laws that Jim supported were only good for others and not for himself, he has now declared, "My sexual orientation is nobody's business." But I guess banning himself from working in schools is different from banning himself from working in the Scouts - an organization which bans gays from participation anyway.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Political Posters

Did You Know - Undermining the Mission

The following is from Joe Klein, Time, 2/19/2007

Mission is a sacred word in the military. When you are given a mission, you are trained to complete it, to keep on trying new tac­tics until the objective is achieved. It is a matter of duty and honor. And so, when politicians criticise a mission, the reflexive military reaction is to assume they are acting dishonorably, putting poli­tics above duty. This is a common attitude in the uniformed milltary, and it deserves a serious response.

And my response is that politicians have sacred missions too. Their duty is threefold: to be judicious about sending the troops off to war, to give the military everything it needs to complete the mission and, if it ap­pears the mission is futile or compromised, to change it or end it. "You have to ask who is really undermining this mission?" says Sen­ator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, a West Point graduate. "Didn't the Bush Adminis­tration undermine it from the start by going to war without sufficient cause, without suf­ficient planning, without sufficient equipment for our troops? Even now, I would argue dial the Bush Administration is undermining this surge by focusing merely on the military part of the mission, ignoring the need to reform the Iraqi government, to find a regional diplomat­ic solution and, of course, ignoring the real facts on the ground."

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Did You Know - Ignorance is Best Policy

In keeping with his narrow-minded view of the world, President Bush has refused to negotiate with just about anyone. This includes the European Union as we prepared to go to war in Iraq and it includes Syria, Iran and North Korea today. From Progress Report (2/23/2007)...

Today, Josh Marshall from Talking Points Memo points to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that reports, "The United States demanded that Israel desist from even exploratory contacts with Syria, of the sort that would test whether Damascus is serious in its declared intentions to hold peace talks with Israel." "In meetings with Israeli officials recently," the paper reports, "Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was forceful in expressing Washington's view on the matter."

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Political Joke

A politician visited a reservation and gave a speech to a group of Native Americans. "I promise you better schools, hospitals and roads," he said.

The crowd shouted, "Hoya! Hoya!"

"I promise to secure funds to build a casino on the reservation," he said.

"Hoya! Hoya!" the crowd shouted again.

A few hours later, the politician toured the reservation with the chief. As they inspected the cattle, the chief said, "Be careful not to step in the hoya."

Political Commentary Through Images

Here it is - the dual-purpose honey-wagon. Cleans out your septic tank, or carries your politicians empty promises - both consisting primarily of fecal matter.

Isn't it time end the "war on drugs" and commit our resources to helping people who have addictions? Prohibition has never, and will never, work. There's just too much profit involved.

All religions have their violence built in - Islam is just more upfront about it.


Opinion - "Why We Fight"

This is interesting - from Progress Report (2/23/2007)...

Americans are looking for a way out of Iraq. Sixty-three percent of the public want all U.S. troops home from Iraq by the end of 2008. Another 54 percent said they would vote to cut off funding for the escalation if they were in Congress. With the support of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) has laid out a plan that would both increase support for the overstretched U.S. military and block Bush's Iraq buildup.

But the truth is, President Bush has no plans to bring all the troops home - ever. As just one piece of his justification for the war in Iraq, it has been a part of the plan - right from the beginning - that the U.S. would establish permanent military bases in Iraq. The point was to have launching bases for conducting war in other countries - Iran, Syria, Lebanon - maybe even Saudi Arabia. World domination was in his dreams.

In 2003, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld promised that any suggestion the United States "is planning a permanent military presence in Iraq is 'inaccurate and unfortunate.'" Unfortunately, those suggestions have turned out to be accurate. The Pentagon has "already spent $1 billion or more on them, outfitting some with underground bunkers and other characteristics of long-term bases." It has also revealed that coalition forces are establishing at least six "enduring" bases in Iraq, Murtha's plan would ensure that no funding goes toward establishing a permanent presence in Iraq, a proposal that has strong backing from the public, lawmakers, and experts. Seventy-one percent of the American public opposes establishing permanent bases in Iraq, and 71 percent of Iraqis want the United States to withdraw all forces within a year.

And so we have built the bases. In the movie, "Why We Fight," the producers claim the number is fourteen (14). With permanent houses and fast food restaurants.

If you haven't seen the movie, "Why We Fight," rent it - or buy it - and watch it. It's quite an eye opener.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Fun Photos - President Bush

Yep - Here to Save the World - It's Super-Dubya!

Yeah, but only in the mind of a crazed madman!

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Did You Know - Of Big Business

President Bush has worked diligently to change the focus of our nation. Instead of a nation "of the people, by the people and for the people," GWB wants it to be a nation "of big business, by big businees and for big business."

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is charged with protecting the public from dangerous consumer products. Currently, the three-person commission has a vacancy. Media reports indicate that President Bush will likely fill the position with Michael Baroody, "executive vice president of the National Association of Manufacturers, a trade group that opposes aggressive product safety regulation" and "has called for weakening the Consumer Product Safety Commission." While at NAM, Baroody repeatedly lobbied for looser business regulations, at the expense of public safety. - Progress Report (2/22/2007)