Monday, December 31, 2012

Good words

“Congresswoman Michele Bachmann wants an investigation as to whether Islamists have infiltrated the highest levels of the federal government. You know what’s really frightening? After listening to Michele Bachmann, you realize idiots have infiltrated the highest levels of the federal government.”
– Jay Leno

Christopher Hitchens meme

I'm sure this is not his quote, but it fits in with the Dos Equis beer ads...

Chaotic universe

Here's a great post about the randomness of the universe in which we reside... You can click on the image to view it larger.

Whence came Jesus?

The story of Jesus was actually a conglomeration of stories of several other Gods who came before. He wasn't even original.

Trickle up

Will Rogers speaks of a trickle-up economy...

Tax hikes - the evidence

Let's look at the evidence regarding tax hikes on the wealthy and it's impact on the American economy.

And the reason this works? It redistributes some of the wealth from those who have it to those who need it and will spend it.

It's science

A doctor told me this...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Nameless Cynic

He calls himself The Nameless Cynic, but he does give his name and background as he launches into a great monologue about the "believers." Fun read for atheists.

Jesus Christ, they're idiots!

Smart Republicans

These highly educated, well-informed Republicans are important leaders in the United States of America. Woe is us.

It's Sunday

It's Sunday, time to get to church - Jesus needs your money. Even though he's all powerful and rules the universe, your 5 bucks will make him or break him. Hurry on in.

The Bible

Hey, Christians - do you REALLY know your Bible? Does it still make sense to you, or do you just pick and choose what you care to believe and call that your religion?

Church think

Indeed, what IS the role of the church in today's world? Real world ignorance is declining, so the only hope of survival for the church is to cling to the concept of old-fashioned sin and hate.

Trying to understand God

God works in mysterious ways...

Common ground

Is this correct? Is there some common ground between the left and the right?

Big money politics

Apparently the issue of big money and corporate money in politics is not a new trend. Even Theodore Roosevelt had some words to say about the issue (assuming the quote is properly attributed - you can't always trust what you find on the Internet.) ;-)


Diagnosing the Republicans...

Describing the hate-mongers

A wonderful description of the right-wing radio and TV talk show hosts. I don't know the author, Hal Crowther, but it seems as if he is spot on.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Correcting the flaws in America.

What is wrong with them?

Addressing the idiots

It is really time for all of those of us who believe in the need for intelligence, science and fact to stand up and proclaim, loudly, the need for rational thought in the U.S. Bill Nye will get us started. You can click on the image to view it larger.

Dear devout Chirstian

Dear devout Christian, please - read your Bible. Get a better perspective of what it is your religion is really all about.


In the beginning, in order to add importance and status to the role of "priest," it was thought that the "Father" had a more direct link to Jesus.

The Vatican switchboard

Demand side economics

I have marveled over the conservative position that putting money into the hands of the upper class will create more jobs because they are the job creators. The notion, as those of us who've watched this debate for any time know, is that the money will trickle down. Unfortunately this has been the manner in which the U.S. Government has conducted it's business since the Ronald Reagan administration. And we have been on a downhill slide ever since.

Middle class wages have languished, the rich have taken an ever increasing slice of America's wealth and plowed it into speculative investments instead of into jobs and businesses because demand for goods and services is dwindling. The very notion that businesses will create jobs just to create jobs is foolish - if there are no customers, why would they hire more people?

The U.S. is in dire need of improving its infrastructure - improved roads, high speed rail, upgraded energy delivery systems, etc. Obama knows this, but can't get legislation through Congress that would invest money in construction and in the middle class. THIS would create middle class wealth - THIS would create jobs - THIS would create more demand and lead to growing businesses.

But too many morons are in too many positions of power and so our great nation languishes. Will this lead to the end of the great American story? Or will there be a resurgence of intellectualism that will lead to more enlightened leadership in the next few years? We are probably on the cusp.

Republican arguments

There's really not a lot of factual information for Republicans to use when arguing with liberals, so they resort to demagoguery and insult.

Another Liberal rant

Always makes me feel good to read these, but they really don't do a bit of good. You can view larger by clicking on it.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Republican double-standard

Republicans as a lot are loud, boisterous, ignorant, fearful and hateful. Because they cry out their thoughts the loudest, they often win their arguments - those opposed to them just walk away. Witness, as an example, the recent fiasco over Obama's attempt to nominate Susan Rice as Secretary of State - John McCain and Lindsay Graham whined and cried like a couple of sissies - but they got their way. What the hell has happened to this great nation? Are we nearing another great schism, something akin to the civil war?

The Pompous

It is pompous to proclaim your religion publicly, loudly and forcefully. And it is stupid when you don't even understand the hypocrisy when you don't understand that religion.

A Good Person?

Are you a good person because you pray - especially publicly? It needs to be public prayer, otherwise your family and neighbors won't know what a good person you are.

Native Americans on Homosexuality

Homosexuality has most likely existed as long as our animal kingdom on this planet has existed. Some people adapt to it peacefully, others find it an easy way to pour out their fears and hate.

Religious funny

Paul Ryan - Ayn Rand follower

Paul Ryan, up until he was running for Vice-President, was an avowed disciple of Ayn Rand. Imagine, oh, just imagine if Obama had followed the same set of principles.

Christianity - Chinese Menu Style

Either you follow the Christian Bible or you don't - the mid-way point is just a sort of "pick-and-choose" brand of religion wherein what you believe is different from anyone else. Sort of like a Chinese menu - pick 2 sins from the 5 in column A, 1 sin from the 4 in column B and 3 from the 7 in column C and you've got yourself a religion! Congratulations - you've got a religion!

Fox News for faux news

The biggest question I have about Fox News is how they are able to stay in business? Whereas their newscasters and statisticians are as clueless as a box of rocks, there must be some savvy business men running the firm. I can't imaging running a company and wanting to advertise in-between all of the lies and stupidity - I'd be afraid that it would cast a shadow over me.

Support the GOP - for poverty

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Christopher Hitches describes the religious process.

Commie Jesus

Is it true? Was Jesus a communist - arguing that we all share our worldly possessions with other? OMG!


H.P. Lovecraft describes Republicanism in just the right words.


You've got to view the rantings of religious nuts in just the right light to see how batshit crazy they really are. Just recently this pictured douche bag of a Pope announced that he was going to team up with other religions to try to fight back against the growth of civil rights for gay people. I'm sure he can find some good religions that will advocate putting the gays to death - that should please his Holiness a great deal.

Wonderful comeback

Herein lies a great retort to one of the Tea Party Hillbillies that prowl the face of our nation.

Gun nut

The headlines about say it all about Wayne LaPierre.

The NRA's message is wrong

I saw on the news this morning that the AG in Arizona wants to authorize one person in each school in the state to have a firearm, that firearm to be locked up in a secure location. Fat lot of good that will do if the gun is locked in a safe in the principal's office when the shooter starts blasting away. Really, could the shallow thinking run any closer to the surface?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Or something like that.

Monday, December 24, 2012

A reasonable argument...

From Matthew Dowd...

When there's a kid in the school yard with a baseball bat, we don't give everybody else baseball bats and say go to deal with it and defend yourself. What we do is we take the baseball bat away from the bad kid or the bully and then we sit down and say what can we do to make sure this doesn't happen -- we've got to take the baseball bat away from the bully.

Firemen shot

We don't need no stinkin' gun control laws - we need more shootouts.

Firefighter Shot at Scene of NY Blaze

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Republican idiocy

Stupid Republican quote of the day...

“I’ve heard of people being killed playing ping-pong—ping-pongs are more dangerous than guns.” Incoming Texas state Rep. Kyle Kacal on the deadly threat of — PING PONG. 

Obama's governing

President Obama falls short on my progressive meter, but he has had a VERY tough time of it. Consider some of  what he has had to tolerate...

Bill O'Reilly - dumb as a box of bricks.

Once again, Bill O'Reilly tries to make an argument that is so full of holes that it is painful to have to listen to.


Unless you give it some thought, you might miss this, but it seems to be true. When you examine the discussion from the right, they seem to complain about "the helping hand" of government (SNAP, HEAP, housing assistance, SSI, etc.) as if their biggest gripe is that THEY aren't getting it.

Craig T.Nelson displays his ignorance

Albert Einstein on the existence of God

Speaking of religion...

Christopher Hitchens again speaks on religion.

Isaac Asimov

It is said that atheists generally know the Bible better than those who profess a belief.

Clinton on voter suppression

Bill Clinton on the right-wing's efforts to thwart democracy.