Friday, December 21, 2012

The crazy Republicans

About 45 minutes ago, as I start this post, Morning Joe had some crazy-ass conservative Republican Congressman on the air who, after some prodding finally admitted that he would NEVER vote for a budget plan that included tax increases, even if there were large spending cuts included. He insisted that spending cuts were the only way to cut the nation's deficit. He further declared that he wouldn't vote for any bill restricting assault weapons in the U.S.

The entire panel on MJ was staring bug-eyed. Danny Deutch jumped right in the man's face about his lack of willingness to compromise. Joe Scarborough was incensed that this idiot would suggest that Joe was politicking the Connecticut shooting in order to ban hand guns.

Unfortunately, the video has not been posted - at least yet - I will check back later today. It is one of the most demonstrative exchanges I have seen on TV yet of why the U.S is in such deep shit - we have segments of our population that are absolute assholes, and they are electing their own to Congress.

However, there is a clip available of Eugene Robinson's (Washington Post) response.

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