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Here’s a Startling Breakdown of How Often the Top Presidential Candidates Lie Through Their Teeth

August 24, 2015
By Allen Clifton
Trying to follow politics can be overwhelming at times, especially during presidential elections when there’s almost no “break” from the moment the first candidate announces they’re running for president to election day itself. Then when you factor in the sheer number of presidential candidates we have this election cycle (especially on the Republican side), at times it does seem more like a sad circus than a presidential election. With all of this information floating out there, sometimes it’s hard to really put things into perspective. So I figured I’d gather some numbers from the non-partisan fact-checking site Politifact to highlight how often some of these candidates actually tell the truth. The reason I like to use Politifact is that they’re highly respected, non-partisan and their investigations are almost always thorough.
The site uses six metrics to determine the honesty of a statement: True, Mostly True, Half True, Mostly False, False and Pants on Fire. For this article I’m going to considered True/Mostly True statements to be “honest,” Mostly False/False/Pants on Fire are “dishonest,” and I’ll ignore Half True because those are often highly subjective and can go either way.
For the sake of time I’ve decided to stick to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, as they’re the candidates who seem to top most polls. I would have included Ben Carson, but he’s only had five comments fact-checked, which just wasn’t enough of a sample to include him in this article. So, let’s get started. You can check out any candidate’s full file by clicking on their name as well, if you’d like.

  • Hillary Clinton: Honest: 51%  Dishonest: 28% 
  • Bernie Sanders: Honest: 52%  Dishonest: 28% 
  • Donald Trump: Honest: 5%  Dishonest: 79% 
  • Jeb Bush: Honest: 51%  Dishonest: 30% 
  • Ted Cruz: Honest: 18%  Dishonest: 68% 
  • Scott Walker: Honest: 34%  Dishonest: 48% 

So, what are my takeaways? First, for as much as many try to paint Clinton as this unethical liar who can’t be trusted, the numbers show that she’s just about as honest with her comments as Sanders – the candidate many liberals seem to think never says anything untrue. I was also quite surprised that Bush did so well, but that doesn’t change the fact that almost every time he opens his mouth he makes himself look like a complete fool.
As for the rest, the numbers are about what I expected. Walker is a candidate whose campaign is essentially on life support at this point. To this day I’ve still never understood how he was considered a leading candidate to win the nomination. It seems the more national exposure he gets, the further down the polls he falls. As for Trump and Cruz, they’re two individuals who’ve proven time and time again that they couldn’t care less about whether or not the gibberish that spews from their mouths is actually true – just as long as it’s what they think conservative voters want to hear. But it does say something about the Republican party, and conservative voters in general, that their leading presidential candidate has basically skyrocketed to the top of the polls – despite the fact that nearly everything out of his mouth has been a flat-out lie.
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NJ admits police killed Jerame Reid with his hands up, but he moved a bit, so, you know, no charges

FRI AUG 21, 2015 AT 08:33 AM PDT
byShaun King
This is ugly.
Pulled over for not completely stopping at a stop sign, Jerame Reid, who wasn't even the driver, was unarmed, non-violent, had his hands up, and his murder was filmed. In the car with a friend, sitting on the passenger side, you can clearly see Jerame slowly getting out of the car, communicating that he's doing nothing wrong, and see him putting his hands on his in the air above his head.
Standing nearly 10 feet away, on the driver's side of the car, deathly afraid of a peaceful Jerame Reid, Officer Roger Worley fired the first shot at Jerame, but missed. Upon hearing this shot, the other officer, Braheme Days, fired seven rapid shots directly at Jerame and killed him right there on the spot.
After seeing the video and learning all of the facts, a New Jersey grand jury decided the officers didn't even need to go to trial. If you let them tell it, all is well is in the Garden State.
When we say black lives matter, we say it for Jerame Reid because this grand jury just decided that his life wasn't even worth a basic criminal charge of something like reckless homicide.
And here's what's altogether flagrant ...
The officer who fired seven shots at Jerame Reid is being sued for raping a woman.
Not only that, but Jerame Reid's family won a lawsuit against the state for a 2009 instance where he was severely beaten by law enforcement.
In conclusion, what we see here is that the system will bend over backwards to protect violent police at all costs. It's despicable and reveals that even in some instances where a brutal police murder is filmed, it still takes a prosecutor who wants a conviction to get behind it.

Obama to Congress in weekly address: When you get back in town, try doing your job

SAT AUG 22, 2015 AT 07:00 AM PDT
bySusan Gardner
... my Administration has been partnering with states and cities to help grow the middle class. Over the past few years, nearly 20 cities and counties have implemented paid sick days. Six states have enacted paid sick days or paid family leave. Seventeen states, and more than two dozen cities and counties, have raised their minimum wage. All of this will help working families. And across the country, folks are proving that preparing all our kids for the future doesn’t have to be a partisan issue. Seattle, a city with a Democratic mayor, just passed universal pre-k, while Indianapolis, a city with a Republican mayor, is starting citywide preschool scholarships. All told, 34 states have increased funding for preschool.
President Obama sent a pointed message to the Republican Congress this morning in his weekly address after extolling many of the economic growth partnerships between the federal government and states and cities. It's time to knock off the obstructionism and govern, he said, for the sake of the economy.
"Unfortunately," the president told listeners, "Congress left town for five full weeks – and they left behind a stack of unfinished business." 
That unfinished business included reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank and ... what was it? Oh, yeah. The federal budget.
Congress also hasn’t passed a budget – and when they return from vacation, they’ll only have a few weeks to do so, or shut down the government for the second time in two years. They’ve had all year to do this.
He closed with a final kick in the congressional pants.
Americans expect Congress to help keep our country strong and growing – not threaten to shut down our government. When Congress gets back, they should prevent a shutdown, pass a responsible budget, and prove that this is a country that looks forward – a country that invests in our future, and keeps our economy growing for all Americans.

Five OBG posters

Religiously speaking

Shooting report - more stories about the failure of American gun policies

Police: One Madisonville shooting victim was an innocent bystander
CINCINNATI -- Two men were killed in a shooting at the Elks Lodge in Madisonville on Saturday . One of the victims, police said, was a father and ...

Police identify victims of Roswell, New Mexico, shooting that killed 3, injured 1
ROSWELL, N.M. – Police in the rural New Mexico town of Roswell have identified three people killed in a weekend shooting that also left a fourth ...

Target practice at shooting range sparks wildfire
GRAND COUNTY – One residence has been evacuated after a fire that started at the Byers shooting range just west of Parshall during target practice ...

Two women shot, one killed in Durham County shooting
Details surrounding the shooting has not been released, but Fowler's mother told ABC11 that her daughter and her best friend were taken from a hotel, ...

Police investigating fatal shooting in Homestead
Authorities are actively investigating after a man was fatally shot late Monday morning in Homestead. The shooting happened in the 1100 block of ...

Shooting suspect taken into custody
Police said residents at the Greensboro home told them there was a dispute between Schneider and Bacon at the time of the shooting. "Lou Ron's a ...

Investigation into Pasadena daytime shooting continues as community grapples with violence
A Pasadena Police officer consoles a woman after a man had been shot and killed behind businesses in the 1700 block of East Washington ...

Person dead, another injured during double shooting in Columbia, Illinois
Authorities are investigating after one person died during a double shooting in ... One of the victims was taken to the hospital after the shooting.

Police identify suspect in fatal Smith Mountain Lake shooting
The Augusta County Sheriff's Office has confirmed they are seeking a man named Vester Lee Flanagan in relation to the shooting.

Person dead, another injured during double shooting in Columbia, Illinois
Authorities are investigating after one person died during a double shooting in ... One of the victims was taken to the hospital after the shooting.

White House: Shooting an 'all too common' example of gun violence
The White House on Wednesday redoubled its call for tougher gun laws in the wake of a shooting that killed two television journalists in Virginia.


Suspect in fatal Sunset stabbing, shooting was slain officer's cousin, officials say
Advocate staff photo by LESLIE WESTBROOK -- Police investigate the scene of a stabbing and shooting at a home on Anna Street Wednesday, ...

GunFail - Clearly we're not doing guns correctly

Peeking into the mind of the conservative poster-writer

I think I'm a pretty typical progressive - so this rather intrigued me.

First of all, I don't think America is in decline and I find it interesting that this conservative does. I DO believe that we have to continue the fight to keep America moving forward and that there is a lot of conservative pressure to stop that movement.

Secondly - the list is interesting because it rather sets up this particular conservative's views as to his "coalition." But I'm not so sure that he is right. Gun owners? I am one - I'd just rather put up with a little bit of inconvenience when buying or selling a gun than to watch the wholesale slaughter of my fellow countrymen every day. And that includes innocent police officers gunned down while gassing up their cruisers.

Christians - there are quite a few progressive Christians - I was one until I got wise to the scam.

Tea Partiers - he's got me there - they're just plain nuts.

Home Schoolers? Well, I'm not opposed to it, but I think they should be regulated. Too often home-schooling is code for Christians not educating their children. "The "keep-em-barefoot-and-pregnant" philosophy is very costly for our nation.

Meat Eaters? Really? There are probably no more than a few thousand vegan fanatics in the country. BTW, I am also a meat-eater. I'm planning on going to the fair today and having a big, juicy, Italian sausage smothered in peppers and onions fried in bacon fat. Yum.

Rednecks? Usually a term for the poorly educated. I don't have a quarrel with them - I'd just like to see a strong educational system that reduces their numbers.

Veterans? How fucking dumb is THAT demographic in the list? It's Republicans and rednecks who fight tooth and nail to cut veterans' benefits. Liberals fight for them every day. Many veterans are NOT on the side of the conservatives. Check out the votes in Congress on veterans' benefits.

Lastly, hunters? Again, I am one. Most of my life. No reason to dislike hunters unless they get drunk to do their hunting. Had a few problems with THOSE assholes over the years.

In conclusion, I'd point out that, as with most conservatives, this jamokey likes to put words together that really don't make any sense.

Ten more political posters

No big surprise here, but further confirmation.

In a few words

Claire - you can lead a Republican to words, but you can't him them understand them.

Taxes - it's the tie that binds

Again I make the point - Republicans are good at putting words together that do not mean what they think it means

One teeny step for womankind

Fake scandal vs. real crime