Sunday, August 30, 2015

Peeking into the mind of the conservative poster-writer

I think I'm a pretty typical progressive - so this rather intrigued me.

First of all, I don't think America is in decline and I find it interesting that this conservative does. I DO believe that we have to continue the fight to keep America moving forward and that there is a lot of conservative pressure to stop that movement.

Secondly - the list is interesting because it rather sets up this particular conservative's views as to his "coalition." But I'm not so sure that he is right. Gun owners? I am one - I'd just rather put up with a little bit of inconvenience when buying or selling a gun than to watch the wholesale slaughter of my fellow countrymen every day. And that includes innocent police officers gunned down while gassing up their cruisers.

Christians - there are quite a few progressive Christians - I was one until I got wise to the scam.

Tea Partiers - he's got me there - they're just plain nuts.

Home Schoolers? Well, I'm not opposed to it, but I think they should be regulated. Too often home-schooling is code for Christians not educating their children. "The "keep-em-barefoot-and-pregnant" philosophy is very costly for our nation.

Meat Eaters? Really? There are probably no more than a few thousand vegan fanatics in the country. BTW, I am also a meat-eater. I'm planning on going to the fair today and having a big, juicy, Italian sausage smothered in peppers and onions fried in bacon fat. Yum.

Rednecks? Usually a term for the poorly educated. I don't have a quarrel with them - I'd just like to see a strong educational system that reduces their numbers.

Veterans? How fucking dumb is THAT demographic in the list? It's Republicans and rednecks who fight tooth and nail to cut veterans' benefits. Liberals fight for them every day. Many veterans are NOT on the side of the conservatives. Check out the votes in Congress on veterans' benefits.

Lastly, hunters? Again, I am one. Most of my life. No reason to dislike hunters unless they get drunk to do their hunting. Had a few problems with THOSE assholes over the years.

In conclusion, I'd point out that, as with most conservatives, this jamokey likes to put words together that really don't make any sense.

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