Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sexy story (airport related)

TSA mission statement

TSA and pregnant women - political cartoon

Sarah Palin's hunting trip was expensive

Understanding our loss of protected rights - TSA intrusions

USA falling into "1984" trap?

I heart the TSA...

Understanding Conservatives - the "fraidy-cat gene"

Dated - Palin's comments threatened candidate Obama

Tea Party - loony tunes

What the founding fathers thought of health insurance mandates

He's a Democrat - but I still think Rangel should have been drummed out...

Ventura fights for the constitution

I think I'd donate to his legal fund on this suit...

Rick Perry is a huge hypocrite (CNN Money)

Health Care and Rick Perry

Angry rhetoric

Bachmann's new proposal

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Now - about those guns and the founding fathers

"Yes, the founding fathers wanted you to have the right to bear arms. But the guys who wrote that would pee through all eight layers of their pants if they saw what guns are now. In 1787 shooting a bullet was slightly faster than throwing one. If you wanted to be bulletproof in 1787 you put on a heavy coat. With that in mind, I'm all about Americans having guns, as long as they're the muskets from 1787 that take forever to load." 
---Seth Meyers (SNL)

What to do if you're stopped by police

As a former local union leader I attended a number of workshops on legal rights over the years. Repeatedly we were warned to be very, very careful about what we said to the police if we were ever called in - especially if we were involved in a case that involved us personally. The frequent point made was that the police investigators would be very friendly - act like your friends - say some shit like, "We know how this probably went down and we're sure you'll be free in a few hours, but let me just get your side of this." And don't sign any accounts of your conversations with police without legal representation. Word - ask for a lawyer and shut the fuck up if you're being accused of something.

The crazy, crazy south

The scene: Missoula (Mont.) County District Court.The charge: criminal distribution of dangerous drugs -- a felony. The drug: 1/16th of an ounce of marijuana police found in Touray Cornell's house. When potential jurors heard what the case was about, they staged a "revolt", District Judge Dusty Deschamps said. Juror after juror being considered for the case said they would refuse to convict anyone over such a small amount of pot. Deschamps polled the remaining 27 juror prospects, and 22 of them said they would not issue a guilty verdict in the case, saying that even holding a trial for such a "crime" was a waste of taxpayer money. "A mutiny," declared Deputy County Attorney Andrew Paul. Cornell agreed to a plea bargain in exchange for a year in prison, to be served concurrently to a year's sentence on a theft charge. (RC/Missoulian)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Christians just warm my heart

Holier-than-thou Christians love to tell you about your sins and why you are a lesser life-form than they are, but when oush comes to shove, they are usually the biggest dicks.

Jason Michael Carlsen, 25, filed a lawsuit against two drinking partners who failed to call police after he fell—or, as some suggest, was pushed—off a 200-foot cliff in Redding, Calif. Instead, Sarah Elisabeth Koivumaki and Zachary Gudleunas, who later said they thought Carlsen was dead, tried, according to the suit, to pray Carlsen back to life. The two were students at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, whose members believe prayer can heal people and revive the dead. The suit claims that when Carlsen remained still, the two spent hours debating whether to call the police before they decided to cover up evidence that they’d been there and flee. After lying in the open for six hours, Carlsen spent more than a month in a coma and, two years later, is a paraplegic (Redding Record Spotlight)

Government is evil?

The tea-party folk love to rant and rave about the evils of government, especially BIG government, while preaching the value and holiness of small business. They usually overlook the abuses of many small businesses and forget how vulnerable we all are without the protection of government regulations. Unfortunately, there are plenty of news stories like the following...

A debt-collection agency set up a room in its office in Erie, Pa., to look like a courtroom, complete with a raised area where a judge would sit, attorney’s tables and legal books on bookshelves, according to Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. The agency’s lawsuit charges that Unicredit Debt Resolution Center used people dressed as sheriff’s deputies to summon consumers to “the courtroom,” where a person dressed in black would preside over fake proceedings “to deceive, mislead or frighten consumers into making payments or surrendering valuables to Unicredit.” The lawsuit is seeking restitution for victimized consumers. (Associated Press)

Wanting out of the army

Army prosecutors said Pvt. Jonne T. Wegley, 19, wanted out of basic training at Fort Benning, Ga., so badly that he offered a fellow recruit $5,000 and a job to shoot him in the left leg so he could get out of the Army with a medical disability. He figured he’d still be able to use his right leg to drive. Instead of barely wounding Wegley, however, the bullet from the M-16 rifle mutilated his left leg. He needed 25 surgeries, a total reconstruction of his knee and multiple skin grafts, and he suffered nerve damage so severe that he has no control of his left foot. On top of that, a court martial sentenced him to four months’ confinement and a dishonorable discharge. Wegley’s attorney, Maj. John Calcagni, admitted his client’s scheme was unnecessary, explaining all he had to do to get kicked out of the Army was to tell his sergeant that he refused to train. (Columbus, Ga.’s Ledger-Enquirer)

Understanding our educational flaws

There is a great hue-and-cry in America over our loss of superiority in educating our youth.  I am sure that one factor might be that we can't distinguish between scientific principles and myth.  The following clip came from Gawker.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Know your Bible (Deuteronomy)

Grabbing the baton for Jesus

The Pope's Blood

TSA - (music video)

Office security

TSA should take over hospitals?

This is only part of the answer to the TSA

Bush - Obama: Same difference?

Birthers - is Hawaii really a state?

Free health care after all

Republican lies

This and the two previous posts all garnered from The Progress Report, January 20, 1011

And finally: Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) invented a drinking game yesterday for observers of congressional Republicans' attempts to repeal President Obama's health care law: " you take a shot every time a Republican lies ." Speaking on the house floor, Weiner made sure to encourage people to "get a designated driver," as they would have to take a lot of shots.

Common Cause working on our behalf

Advocacy group Common Cause filed a petition with the DOJ yesterday asking it to "investigate potential conflicts by Justices Scalia and Thomas" in hearing campaign finance cases "and move for their disqualification from the landmark Citizens United case." Citing the Justices' invitation to conservative financier Charles Koch's retreat this month, the group alleges "they may be biased" toward Koch who spent millions on 2010 campaigns.

House Republicans formulate policy with a little help from their friends

Top staff members for key congressional Republicans met behind closed door Tuesday with energy lobbyists to "work on strategy to handcuff the Obama administration's climate change agenda." "[W]e pretty strongly told them we do need your help to get this done," a Republican aide told Politico. "And when we walked away from the meeting the feeling was we got that."

Stephen Colbert speaks of important things.

Every once in a while, someone in the media hits an issue spot on - nails it with great clarity.  In this case it's Stephen Colbert speaking about the Morning Joe Show, but with a great deal of attention paid to the Sarah Palin  phenomenon.  Must see TV.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Slavery - gayness?

Where's the fine line - religious or insane?

Name your kids the RIGHT way!

Selling religion

Understanding religion

Fred Phelps- scam of the century.

RIC - Republicans in Charge

Why we need the public option or single-payer health insurance

What don't YOU like about government?

TSA Pinup girl

Jesus on the economy

Palin likes to hunt

Tea Party cancels Christmas pageant

Being critical

Relaxing in the Oval Office


Who's making out?

Always the haters