Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shooting report

I DID actually hear about some changes for the better - not new laws, but new regulations. Thanks, Barack.

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Obama Administration Announces 2 New Executive Actions On Gun Control

posted by Randa Morris August 30, 2013 Human Rights, Most Popular, Politics
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Two new common-sense executive actions on gun control were added to the Vice President's gun violence reduction plan on August 29, 2013. The new measures are a continuation of Joe Biden's plan, which was first introduced in January and includes such common sense measures as expanding criminal background checks and making gun trafficking a Federal crime. The plan is designed to help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities that occur in relation to gun violence in the US.

The two new recommended actions announced by the White House will not affect most private gun owners or purchasers. The first measure is designed to close loopholes for corporations and trusts who currently are granted exemption from background checks when purchasing automatic weapons. This recommended action will ensure that individuals purchasing assault weapons in the name of a  corporation or trust will be required to undergo the same type of background check as a private purchaser. Currently, private individuals are able to take advantage of this loophole, including those who may not legally be allowed to purchase or own a gun. It is not difficult to imagine criminal enterprises using the current exemption as a way of stockpiling weapons, which can easily be obtained in the name of Shell corporations. The new recommended executive action will ensure that the individual purchasing the weapons is legally able to do so.

The second measure, which the president is scheduled to set as administrative policy, involves the return of military grade weapons to the United States by private entities. Current policy allows private entities to  retrieve US military weapons from overseas locations after first obtaining permission from US authorities. Over 250,000 applications for the return of weapons have been applied for and granted under the previous policy. Going forward, the administration announced that, under the new policy, it will no longer be granting permission to private entities, for the retrieval of US military weapons.
Now for our shootings...

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