Friday, August 23, 2013

If America becomes a Theocracy

From Carolina Naturally
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What A Nation Would Look Like Built on repugican Ideology

The repugicans believe that their ideology is what the United States needs in order to be "successful and prosperous." Which always forces me to ask the question, "If wingnut ideology is so wonderful, why are so many of their states poor, rank near the bottom in median family income and their citizens have shorter life expectancy than people living in "liberal states?" Of course it's a rhetorical question because most wingnuts either won't answer the question or simply deny that it's true.  It's a question which challenges their cognitive dissonance, which means for many they simply can't grasp the conflicting realities of what they want to believe and what's actually there. But it did get me to thinking, what kind of country do these people want?  What might it be like?  What would their social structures be like?

So, I decided I'd try to paint a picture of what kind of nation these people want. Based upon what I've seen many repugicans support, if they had their way, they would have a country that:

  • Had a government based upon theocracy where all but one religion is vilified.
  • Women are seen as secondary citizens to men, and their rights would often be determined by only men.
  • Rape victims would often be viewed as poorly as those who committed the crime.
  • Prayer would be required in schools.
  • Homosexuality would be seen as an abomination.
  • Contraceptives would be strongly frowned upon or would be outright illegal.
  • Voting laws, and rules, would be structured to favor a particular section of its citizens.
  • Having an abortion would be an offense equal to murder (and punished as such).
  • Immigrants wouldn't be welcome.
  • Anyone who opposed Republican beliefs would be viewed as an enemy to god and country.
  • Nationalism would be used as a tool to breed intolerance of anyone different.
  • Same-sex marriage wouldn't be legal.
  • Homosexuals wouldn't be allowed to adopt children.
  • Education would be manipulated by the theocratic beliefs of the government.
Wait, this all sounds very familiar.  I know I've heard of a country that shares many of these same values.

Oh that's right-Iran.

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