Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So, we're going to attack Syria.

Sure looks like we're going to bomb Syria. I saw Secretary of State John Kerry on the teevee this morning telling us about the intelligence showing that Assad gassed some of his enemies, but I can't help but wonder how accurate that is. It reminded me an awful lot of Colin Powell going on TV and lying his ass off about Saddam Hussein using WMOD.

 From what I've heard about the war there are a lot of factions fighting the Assad regime - and they are fighting each other - including some al Qaeda groups. How much advantage would it give to one of those groups if they gassed their own people to draw the U.S. into the war? Sure will make it easier to win the battle against Assad.

And billions of more dollars down the tubes - billions spent on munitions (our military industrial complex loves it), fuel for our jets and war ships - and more Muslims than ever wanting revenge on us.

And how much is this going to damage our relationship with Russia even further?

There is simply no way of winning this one, folks - we're fucked every which way.

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