Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's Time To End "The War On Drugs."

Ever since I was a young man in college, I have felt that there was a much better way to deal with the use of illegal (harmful) drugs in this nation. We should make them legal, allow them to be sold in controlled stores (like liquor stores in many states), tax the proceeds, and use the proceeds for drug education and treatment programs. But the old drug laws still exist and they still wreak havoc on the lives of far too many Americans.

Some will argue that if we allow the drugs to be sold legally, even to those only of a certain age (18? 21?) the drugs will still wind up in the hands of children. But I ask - and the drugs aren't in the high schools and middle schools now? Yeah, right. The war on drugs is working so well (he said derisively).

Here's a great 6 minute video on the subject.

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