Thursday, February 16, 2006

Why does Bush hate people?

From American Progress Action Fund - click here to visit their site

President Bush Supports Health Savings Accounts (HSA's)

Today, Wendy's spokesman Denny Lynch said the company wants to
tell [Bush] about an innovative program that we believe serves the best interests of employees and shareholders." The "innovative program" is HSAs, paired with high-deductible health insurance. Bush wants to dramatically increase the amount of money that individuals can contribute to such accounts to encourage more high-deductible plans.

An increased reliance on HSAs, however, could actually increase the number of uninsured Americans because they won't be able to afford plans with high deductibles. HSAs provide benefits almost exclusively to high-income individuals and big businesses. "The bottom line is that what the Bush administration calls reform is actually the opposite," Paul Krugman wrote. "Driven by an ideology at odds with reality, the administration wants to accentuate, not fix, what's wrong with America's health care system."

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