Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bush's Pork

From The Wall Street Journal - click here to read more...In Search of Presidential Earmarks
Pork, a Capitol Hill Staple,Also Is White House Custom,But Much Tougher to Track
WASHINGTON -- Presidents like pork, too. With Congress on the defensive about members' appetites for earmarks -- those funds in spending bills dedicated to projects special to constituents and contributors -- Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill are taking a look at President Bush's plate of spending favorites. And his wife's as well.

There's the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian program, which this year has $24 million for grants to train people for the first lady's former profession. For the fiscal year that starts in October, Mr. Bush seeks $10 million for Preserve America grants for communities' historic preservation efforts and $50 million for the Helping America's Youth Initiative -- also among programs championed by Mrs. Bush.

While the Education Department's budget would be cut, Mr. Bush proposes a 16% increase to $204 million for teaching sexual abstinence in high schools, a popular cause for social conservatives.

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