Friday, February 10, 2006

Bush's budget...

Quotes from : "Talking Points" by the American Progress Action Fund...

"This past Monday the Bush administration released its annual budget request to Congress. Amid growing discontent within the President’s own party, the administration’s budget called for no new funding for Iraq – it plans to submit a separate supplemental funding bill later this spring."

"But even more disheartening is the lack of direction in the reconstruction process. After months of public relations ploys, the American public and the people of Iraq are waiting for a real plan that outlines costs, timelines and real progress."

"The Bush administration has bungled the Iraq reconstruction. President Bush has consistently cut and run on Iraq's reconstruction over the last two-and-a-half years. He did not get rid of the corruption in reconstruction, oil production is still at pre-war levels, and Iraqis throughout the country are still not getting enough electricity."

"By next year the American people will have spent half a trillion dollars in Iraq with not enough progress. Combining Donald Rumsfeld’s recent $439 billion budget request with another $70 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan this year and $50 billion earmarked for early next year, both wars’ fiscal tally will have approached a staggering $500 billion. Such expenditures would be warranted, yet the lack of progress in the rebuilding of Iraq forces one to ask how much these wars will end up costing the American people."

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