Friday, February 17, 2006

Bush's Legacy

[We are experiencing very high winds here in the NorthEast today and there's a very good chance we could lose power. I may have fewer posts than usual.]

There are, essentially, 4 main reasons why I dislike the Bush administration so intensely.

1. Bush is lazy. I honestly believe that GWB spends a very small percentage of his time working on issues. I believe he needs to spend more time meeting with advisors, experts, scientists, educators and the educated to study the issues in detail before he sets policy and makes statements. There is probably no better example of his not doing his homework that his pronouncement during his State of the Union speech that we would reduce our dependence on foreign oil by 75% by the year 2025. The very next day his advisors indicated that he didn’t mean it. The evidence of his lack of study: his new budget proposal includes huge financial breaks for the oil industry and cuts funding for study of alternative fuels (see my earlier posts).

2. Bush is stupid. I also honestly believe that George substitutes his theological beliefs for science and fact, thus making his behavior no better than that of the village idiot. His insistence on awarding most of the US aid for the prevention of Aids on organizations that teach abstinence instead of condom use is beyond the pale when it comes to stupid. He can certainly WANT abstinence to rule the day in countries like those in Africa, but people have been fucking for pleasure since the beginning of mankind (or we wouldn’t be here) and his wanting it to stop ain’t gonna make it happen. He can preach about stopping abortions on demand in the U.S., but if he bans abortions, he still isn’t going to stop them. Instead, just like back in the pre-1950’s days, the abortions will move into back-alleys and butcher shops where many of our young women will be injured or killed from unsanitary conditions and untrained providers.

3. Bush is deceitful. He covers up important details and lies about others. If he is so sure that we do not torture our prisoners at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, why not allow UN inspectors in to interview and meet with detainees? Why not provide more information on the NSA wiretaps? Why not come clean on the intelligence about any and all of the terrorism incidents that he briefly addresses and then refuses additional information? Essentially, I view the man as a lying sack-of-shit.

4. He is a faux Conservative. I am a liberal and I believe in a government that offers support to the weakest among us. I like people and believe they should be the focus of our government’s work. We should be working to save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, not dismantle them. However, if GWB was a REAL Conservative, I could live with that – cutting Government cost, reducing taxes, creating a balanced budget, putting more of the burden on the individuals in the nation instead of on government. At least there would be some control and direction.

BUT, the horrible, terrible job he has done of the economy is beyond comprehension. His supporters are raving about how the economy is chugging along, but it is doing well only because Bush is buying it with borrowed money. At some point, probably no more than a year or two away, the bill is going to come due and our economy is going to collapse. We are going to pay a significant price for the lack of restraint in increasing spending while cutting taxes for the wealthy. We are going to pay a price for cutting support for the poor as they get left further and further behind.

I have seen it written elsewhere on the web and I agree with it 100%. He is the worst President ever.

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