Wednesday, February 08, 2006

President Bush is a madman...

From A La Gauche with link to original article in The Atlantic.

Tim Walz spent twenty-four years serving his nation in the Army National Guard. Before going overseas, Walz was a high school teacher. During a trip back home to Minnesota, Walz decided to take two students to a Bush campaign stop; Bush was coincidentally in the area at the time.

During screening to enter the event, guards noticed a John Kerry sticker on one of the student's wallets. Walz and the two students were turned away. Walz protested. What happened next is chilling.

This is an excerpt from The Atlantic:

His challenge prompted a KGB-style interrogation that was sadly characteristic of Bush campaign events. Do you support the president? Walz refused to answer. Do you oppose the president? Walz replied that it was no one's business but his own. (He later learned that his wife was informed that the Secret Service might arrest him).

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