Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cheney the criminal

Common Criminal
From Brian Fleming's Blog...

A man who in the past has been twice convicted of driving while intoxicated is involved in a hunting accident. This twice-DUI-convicted man shot one of his companions while engaging in a clearly unsafe action--wheeling around 180 degrees with his shotgun and firing into what is always a "no-fire" zone when in a hunting party.

You're the sheriff's deputy assigned to investigate the accident. Naturally, you know that the use of alcohol may be a factor. What you'd like is to interview the suspect as soon as possible, listen to him speak, smell his breath, get a look at his eyes. You also want to get his side of the story without his being able to communicate any further with any
witnesses--you don't want any rigged stories about the timing of the shot, distance involved, number of drinks drunk and when, etc.

You're just trying to do good police work. So you go to the suspect's residence to see him. But when you get there, the suspect's bodyguards tell you that you are not allowed to see their boss. The earliest the suspect will make himself available to you is tomorrow morning.

To put it mildly: There are very, very few twice-DUI-convicted-men-who-just-shot-somebody whom you would allow to get away with this kind of behavior. But this suspect is one of them.

It's good to be the king.

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