Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The President's Budget

The President continues to abuse the poor and the middle class in order to reward the rich. What an asshole...

From American Progress - The Boston Globe...

"Bush is under pressure from his party's conservative wing to control federal spending, a fact reflected in his proposal for paltry growth..."

"The Department of Education's spending on basic programs would fall by $2.1 billion, or 3.8 percent, and the president would save about $3.5 billion by cutting a range of programs designed to promote the arts, technology, and after-school programs. Meanwhile, federally based programs to help pay for higher education would take significant hits: The Perkins Loan program would be eliminated, and Pell grant funding for college students would drop by $4.6 billion."

"Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, who is the leading emocrat on the Senate committee that oversees education, said the cuts that Bush wants would undermine his goal of making American workers
more competitive in a global economy."

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