Monday, November 06, 2006

Vice-President Cheney

Dick Cheney is a, bast.... er, son of a ..... unh, a dick. Yeah, that's it. Dick is a dick. The following is from the Wonkette blog...

For the first time since he was caught “human hunting” in February, Dick Cheney is taking a hunting trip.

The “vice” president skips town on Monday, says the AP, and he’ll spend Election Day at some giant private hunting ranch (possibly this one) in South Dakota.

Cheney hates Americans so much that he won’t even bother with the charade photo op at the polling booth. And if there’s any kind of “constitutional crisis” later this week, he’ll be safe from the angry armed mobs.

Hilariously, he told George Stephanopolous today that he’s going to ignore any subpoenas from the new Congress. Oh, and the Bush Administration will “focus on the global war on terror” for its final two years.

Well, that will be different.

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