Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another Bush Administration Screw-Up?

I am no expert on foreign affairs, but I just ran across an interesting article and the impact that Bush administration foreign policy has had on Russia. This is an interesting read.

A clip from the article which ran in Scripps News...

Mr. Putin went on to take effective control of Russia's industry, courts and major media. Critics, even potential ones guilty only of latent political power, have been jailed. Journalists are regularly murdered _ 261 since the fall of the Soviet Union. The atrocities of the puppet rulers of Chechnya go unreported. The lethal blunders of security forces in responding to incidents of terrorism are covered up. Russians have a lot more personal liberty than they did under communist rule _ so long as they do not call themselves to the attention of the government.

Mr. Putin also has been using Russia's gas and oil wealth, along with Soviet-style propaganda, to reassert Russian control over other former Soviet states. In the last few weeks the propaganda seems to have intensified in several countries _ no more so than in Georgia, on the eastern Black Sea.

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