Saturday, November 04, 2006

This is Why We Vote
From: This Is True

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Steve Howards, 54, and his wife were walking their son to piano practice in Beaver Creek, Colo., and were surprised to see Vice President Dick Cheney on the street chatting with citizens. "Many of us fantasize what would we do if we had the opportunity to really tell Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney how we feel," Howards said, so as he passed by he told Cheney, "I think your policies in Iraq are reprehensible." After dropping off his son, a Secret Service agent approached Howards and asked, "Did you assault the vice president?" Howards said no, and made it clear he didn't even attempt to touch Cheney. "If this had happened, I would think if they were doing their job, I would have been face-down in the concrete five or 10 minutes earlier," he said later. Still, he was handcuffed and jailed, with the Secret Service demanding he be charged with harassment. The Eagle County District Attorney dropped the charge. Howards has filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing Secret Service agent Virgil D. Reichle Jr. with civil rights violations. (Rocky Mountain News) ...Dick Cheney's America: where exercising one's rights has become an act of courage.

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