Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bush Vs. Democrats

And the national argument over the best course of action to pursue with regards to Iraq is already heating up. After first indicating he wanted some "fresh eyes" on the problem, Bush is already backtracking - rejecting any idea that isn't "stay the course."

Click here to read a well-written article on the take of the major networks over President Bush's behavior. Below is a clip...

President Bush and his aides yesterday dismissed Democratic calls for a phased pullout from Iraq. The White House move was criticized by the media, which portrayed it as a reversal of previous statements urging Democratic input. NBC Nightly News, for example, said, "After first saying it wanted ideas from Democrats on Iraq, today the White House suggested they were merely floating slogans." White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, asked to comments on the Democratic proposal, called it "a caricature of a plan because it doesn't have any meat and bones on it."

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