Sunday, March 19, 2017

Trump supporters hang with their guy on Trumpcare because he'll take away 'those people's' insurance (joan Mccarter) · Friday, March 17, 2017, 1:05 pm

There's a mind-numbingly frustrating Washington Post story dominating the tubes this morning, largely because of its fantastic lede. It introduces Trump fans at his rally in Nashville this week, featuring idolizer Charla McComic. She tells the reporter she thinks her son's lowered healthcare premium after a job loss is "a 'blessing from God' that she believes was made possible by President Trump" and his tax credits. The bill that hasn't even been to the House floor for a vote yet. She's a public school teacher.

That part of the article is certainly galling, worthy of all the head-on-desk pounding it's getting. But toward the end of it, that's where the real story is. It's about another mom, Nancy Ware who has helped her 35-year-old son find an insurance plan and who has a genuine beef with the law—lack of competition in the exchange in Nashville has sent premiums too high for him to afford. But Ware isn't blaming the insurance companies or her state's political leaders who refused to expand Medicaid. No, she knows who to blame. "Those" people.

Ware is a landscaper and often works near Section 8 housing in the Nashville area, and she becomes furious when she sees residents who "drive better cars than I do, they have weaves and hair color better than I can, they have manicures." As Ware, who is white, waited in line for the rally to start, a group of young African American protesters walked by, and she yelled at them, "Go cash your welfare checks!"

"He gets penalized on his income taxes, while these people that don't know how to pull their pants up can go get it for free," said Ware, whose employer covers the full cost of her health care. "Make it even. Make it balanced."

The former president, the president of "these" people, wouldn't have done anything to help her or her family. The fact that she has a job, and her employer provides her health insurance—that has nothing to do with the fact that the ACA required small employers to offer health insurance and gave them tax incentives to do so. Just like with McComic, who can't comprehend that her son's lowered premium could be a result of Obamacare. Nope, it couldn't be because of something that man, the black one whose name is on the law, did something to help her, her family, her neighbors.

Ronald Reagan's welfare queen driving a Cadillac is alive and well in their people's minds, but now she's got health care and a manicure. So tell us again, punditry, that the Trump vote was all about economic insecurity.


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