Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rep. Peter King: Trumpcare will cost my state $2.3 billion a year? Trump noticed me, so I'm with him (joan Mccarter) · Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 12:29 pm

Good lord, this is pathetic.

Rep. Peter King says Trump pointed him out and said they grew up near each other. After that, "it would be hard for me to vote 'no.'"
— Caitlin Huey-Burns (@CHueyBurns) March 21, 2017
In order to get a handful of votes from New York Republicans, House Speaker Paul Ryan "sweetened" the Trumpcare bill with a provision that shifts Medicaid costs from counties to state government in New York—and only New York.

The move—one of a number of late changes designed to gain more votes—would affect New York State only. It could save county governments outside of New York City $2.3 billion a year. But it could shift costs to state taxpayers or deny New York that same total in matching federal aid if the state continues to require those counties to contribute to the cost of Medicaid. Upstate New York Republicans, backed by local government officials, pressed for the measure over the angry opposition of New York’s Democratic governor, Andrew M. Cuomo.

Of course it shifts costs to the state taxpayers! The money has to come from somewhere.


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