Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Where we are with the health care bill, in six bullet points

  • Republican leaders have professed optimism that they can pass the AHCA through the House, and are planning a vote this Thursday.
  • However, we don’t yet know what will actually be in the bill — Speaker Paul Ryan is revising it in an attempt to satisfy holdout Republicans’ concerns.
  • The new version will reportedly include Medicaid changes that conservatives want (including a state block grant option and work requirements), and increased assistance for older low-income people on the individual market (compared with the completely inadequate assistance they got in the earlier draft, at least).
  • Amazingly, Republicans are currently signaling that they won’t wait for a new CBO score. If true, they’ll be voting to pass the bill without knowing how much it would cost or how many people might lose coverage.
  • All that said, right now, narrow passage of the AHCA in the House is a definite possibility. Another possibility: GOP leaders postponing or canceling the planned Thursday vote if they conclude the votes aren’t there.
  • No one has any idea how this thing can get through the Senate.


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