Saturday, March 04, 2017

The faces of Trump's deportation policy show that he's rounding up any immigrants—criminal or not

By Kelly Macias
Wednesday Mar 01, 2017 · 7:38 PM EST

Trump’s immigration strategy is a mess. That is unless you are a member of his rabid base who thinks all immigrants (undocumented or not) should be rounded up and booted out of the country—no questions asked. Then, his strategy makes perfect sense. Because since he’s expanded the definition of “criminal alien” to include a wide swath of immigrants, he’s basically given permission for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to detain anyone, including those without criminal records.

Here’s what Trump’s deportation force has been up to so far:

In Chicago, a student called her high school teacher to tell him that ICE had raided her home the night before, arresting her father, an undocumented immigrant whose criminal record included only traffic violations, the teacher said. In Centreville, Va., a woman told officials at London Towne Elementary School that a student’s father had been arrested after dropping their son off at school that morning. And in the Baltimore parking lot of a Walgreens, ICE agents arrested a barber and a local business owner who advocates said also had no criminal records.

Let’s recap—snatching parents from their kids at night, stalking schools to arrest parents after they drop their kids off at school, barbers who have no criminal records. Those don’t sound exactly like the criminal immigrant boogeymen running around murdering people that Trump has told us again and again that we should be afraid of. He wants you to think he’s deporting only criminals. But that’s one of his many lies.

Apparently Trump’s administration isn’t really concerned with who has a criminal record and who doesn’t. They are detaining anyone who might even be confused with or in proximity to a criminal.

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