Friday, March 10, 2017

Once again showing contempt for viewers, CNN hires another Trump campaign liar (hunter) · Wednesday, March 08, 2017, 9:42 pm

CNN's wide-ranging attempts to render their own network unwatchable continue to impress.

Jason Miller, a former top aide to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and his transition team, is joining CNN as a paid contributor, effective today, POLITICO confirmed. [...]
Miller served as a senior communications director for Trump’s presidential campaign and served in a senior communications role for Trump’s transition team following the election. He was appointed as White House communications director, but quickly backed out after allegations that he had had an affair with another Trump transition official surfaced.

For the record: CNN's election coverage was uninformed, uninformative, crude, insincere, aggressively issue-averse, and in many cases consisted of propaganda claims pulled directly from the Trump campaign. It was actively insulting to its viewers and unwatchable for anyone who desired more from national political coverage than loud shouting and key-jingling distractions. This was almost entirely due to 1.) Jeffrey Lord and 2.) the inclusion of "pro-Trump" voices culled from Trump's own campaign, who repeatedly and unapologetically lied about even basic facts with little to no pushback from the hosts and, apparently, no network regard for whether or not regularly distributing false information under the supposed banner of "news" was a disservice to their viewers or damaging to the country itself.

Miller continues that tradition.


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