Thursday, March 09, 2017

Deporting undocumented migrants who only know America as their home has dangerous consequences (kelly Macias) · Tuesday, March 07, 2017, 7:06 pm

Trump’s plan to deport millions of undocumented immigrants is off to quite a roaring start. Since he took office, the number of US flights containing deportees to Mexico City is up to three a week (compared to two under Obama) and he has expanded the definition of criminal alien to include anyone who is undocumented (whether they have a criminal record or not), meaning that anyone who is undocumented can be deported—even children. As we hear more heart-wrenching stories of families torn apart by his immigration policy, we begin to fully understand the repercussions of deportation, including how difficult it can be for immigrants who have called the US home for decades to integrate back into a country that many of them barely remember. 

“Many of these people come not knowing how to speak Spanish,” said Amalia García, secretary of Mexico City’s labor department, which serves as a point of contact for the deportees. “They come feeling very bitter, very ashamed and very hurt.” [...]

Moreover, the loss of remittances from the United States — Mexico’s second-largest source of revenue at roughly $25 billion last year — could have devastating effects, particularly in rural areas.

Isn’t it Republicans who always say that they want immigrants to assimilate and learn to speak English? Oh, the sad irony. Apparently, that’s exactly who this administration is deporting. 

Of course, they often find that they can barely make enough money to live on given the economic situation in Mexico, leading many of them to turn right back around and find new ways to enter the country.

“The situation here doesn’t look good,” said Luis Enrique Castillo, 47, adding that he planned to return to his wife, four children and two grandchildren in Chicago, where he lived for 20 years.

Castillo said he was arrested when U.S. immigration officials knocked on his door looking for one of his sons, who had been scheduled for deportation. They didn’t find his son and, after checking his ID, picked him up instead.

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