Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trump really can't control himself...

Donald Trump on Friday, May 27...

"So I end up with a lawsuit. And it ends up in San Diego, in federal court. And it’s a disgrace the way the federal court is acting. Because it’s a simple lawsuit. Everybody that took the so-called course. It’s Trump University! Is in San Diego.
And the trial, they wanted it to start while I’m running for president, the trial is going to take place sometime in November. There should be no trial. This should have been dismissed on summary judgement easily. Everybody says it.
But I have a judge who is a hater of Donald Trump. A hater. He’s a hater.
His name is Gonzalo Curiel (shakes head in disappointment). Aaaand heee is not doing the right thing.
And I figure what the hell. Why not talk about it for two minutes? Should I talk about it? Yes? (The Crowd cheers wildly begging for more.)"

Trump went on to explain how “successful” Trump University was and how those evil “class action lawsuit lawyers” swooped in to extort his noble enterprise, which he swore was totally legit.

Just hours after Trump’s speech, Judge Curiel acknowledged Trump’s childish claims of bias against him, writing:

"Defendant became the front-runner for the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential race, and has placed the integrity of these court proceedings at issue."

Both sides of the suit, which alleges that Trump University was a fake real estate business program which scammed numerous students, agreed to release most of the case-related documents already. However, over 150 pages remained under seal, namely the documents from the university’s 2009, 2010, Sales and Field Team playbooks. Trump calls them “trade secrets.”

Against the wishes of Trump’s counsel, the judge ordered the sealed documents to be unsealed by June 2 – just as the election will be heating up. News organizations have been pushing for these documents to be unsealed for some time, arguing persuasively that the fact that Trump is running for President of the United States should entitle voters to be allowed to see his dirty laundry in a massive fraud case.

In his ruling, Curiel rationalizes the decision stating that the website Politico published the entire 2010 playbook already. And the 2010 version is mostly a duplicate of the 2009 version, which is also online. The court also found that the sealed materials consist primarily of “very routine and commonplace information.” The ruling also states that the argument by Trump’s lawyers that Trump University may once again enroll students in the future to be “speculative.”

“Speculative” must be the kindest substitute for the word bullshit ever used.

With this ruling, after being accused by whiny billionaire defendant of being a “hater,” Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel basically asked Trump a simple question.

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