Thursday, May 26, 2016

Political posters

Even if Cosby is not convicted because the evidence is weak, or the incidence is 12-years-old, he is still paying a huge price.

Republicans don't believe in small government, they believe in vindictive government.

J.K Rowling on free speech. Bravo!

Trump and the veterans

Trump and Carter

Fucking Republican hypocrites. I get so tired of it.

America's acceptance of immigrants.

Liberals can be hypocrites too - the truth is the truth. (June 3, 2016 - Moscow)

Republican tactics - distract, distract, distract. 
Republican hypocrisy on display.

Amending the constitution - Donald Trump and guns
Methinks, perhaps, it's mostly a combination of fear and willful ignorance.

Donald Trump - totally unqualified.

Freedom of religion

Willful ignorance

Religion is cover for a multitude of sins - it's not really about being a better person.

Imagining President Trump

Mental illness in politics

Republican double-standard.

Fox News is a propaganda network

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