Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Noted policy expert Donald Trump claims Clinton 'knows nothing about national security'

Rss@dailykos.com (laura Clawson) · Monday, May 23, 2016, 12:20 pm

Donald Trump is not shying away from attacking Hillary Clinton on foreign policy:

With national security looming as a potential vulnerability, Mr. Trump was unsparing in his criticism of the former secretary of state, saying she “knows nothing about national security” and dismissing her experience as irrelevant because “she’s incompetent.”

“She is grossly incompetent when it comes to national security. And ISIS sits back and laughs at her,” he said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

Clinton’s hawkish tendencies are certainly fair game for criticism, but she “knows nothing”? Says Donald Trump? Says the guy who answered both ways on Libya and has falsely claimed to have opposed invading Iraq? Someone who is viewed by experts as a good recruiting tool for ISIS?

To be sure, Trump will have plenty to say in criticizing Clinton on foreign policy, since her past decisions and positions are a matter of public record and she’s been honest about them. Meanwhile, Trump changes his claims about what positions he holds now and held in the past depending on his audience, and perhaps on his mood of the moment. It’s definitely hard to run against someone like Trump who isn’t bound by pesky considerations like reality. But even so, it’s doubtful Clinton would trade places with Trump when it comes to foreign policy credentials.


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