Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hillary's problem

Robert Reich

The mainstream media now want to explain Trump’s rise in the polls and Hillary’s decline as a product of, as the article below puts it, “her inability to consolidate the independent-leaning, young, liberal supporters of Mr. Sanders. The most recent wave of national surveys shows Mrs. Clinton winning just 55 to 72 percent of Mr. Sanders’s supporters. She’s faring far worse among young and liberal voters than one would expect.”

Baloney. Hillary Clinton isn’t catching on because she doesn’t understand what’s happening to America. She’s campaigning as she did in 2008, and as her husband did in 1992 and 1996. She’s ignoring the huge wave of anti-establishment populist fury about a government bought by the moneyed interests, who now have more of the nation’s wealth than in over a century. She has to become part of the movement for fundamental change -- offering bold measures to reverse widening inequality and to protect our democracy from big corporations, Wall Street, and the billionaire class. And she has to believe it.

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