Saturday, May 28, 2016

No surprise: He's Republican? He's a hypocrite.

Robert Reich

I mentioned yesterday that Kenneth Starr, the Whitewater special prosecutor during the Clinton years who went to great lengths to get Bill Clinton impeached – stretching Starr's Whitewater mandate into a license to investigate Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky – last week bemoaned the “loss of civility” in American politics. (Starr gave his remarks at a conference on the presidency.)

If that’s not ironic enough, Starr is in now the process of being fired from his current job as president of Baylor University after months of allegations that he continuously mishandled, and sought to cover up, sexual assaults committed by its football players. A few weeks ago, the law firm hired by the university to investigate allegations of sexual assault found Starr “encouraged a culture of second chances,” while providing little oversight to the athletic department and the football team, and failed “to provide consistent and meaningful engagement with Title IX,” the federal antidiscrimination law that dictates how colleges should investigate and adjudicate cases of campus sexual assault.
Irony upon irony.

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