Sunday, November 29, 2015

Scalia mocks gays for getting legal protections because 'nobody loves them' (kerry Eleveld) · Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 3:36 pm

Justice Antonin Scalia was his usual repulsive self while speaking to Georgetown University law students Monday, equating sexual predators and child abusers with being gay for the purposes of First Amendment protections. Adam Liptak has the details:

He also allowed that the First Amendment protects political and religious minorities but suggested that there was no principled way for courts to make further distinctions based on the text of the Constitution. “What about pederasts?” he asked. “What about child abusers?”

“This is a deserving minority,” he said sarcastically. “Nobody loves them.”

Scalia went on to lament the fact that his colleagues don’t like to hash out cases with him in person.

Justice Scalia expressed frustration with how little debate goes on when the justices meet in private to discuss and vote on cases.

“I thrash out the cases with my law clerks much more than with my colleagues,” he said.

You mean, none of your peers want to talk to you, Scalia? Shocking. That’s why subordinates are so great—they don't have a choice.

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