Friday, May 18, 2007

Did You Know - Stealing Your Voter Registration

I think I'd report on this stuff if it was Democrats, but why is it that it always seems to be Republicans? Right-wing, God-fearing Christina Republicans just seem so much more likely to lie, cheat and steal. Why is that?

From ePluribis Media...

(Edit - Please note that there may be errors in my lead-in in this post - check out the comments. A quick scan of two articles I found on this topic did not verify nor reject the claims made in the comments. I've left the errors I made in the original post, including the spelling error, so that the comments make sense.)

As reported last night , a technology manager in the Elections Division of Colorado's Secretary of State's office was selling Colorado voter data to GOP candidates.

Daniel J. Kopelman of Aurora, CO, whose duties include oversight and maintenance of the state's master voter registration database, was offering "GOP campaign help" in the form of voter and "fresh" fundraising lists at the web site of his privately-owned company Political Live Wires.


impediment said... know that Dan Kopelman is not a "Christina Republican" but a practicing Jew, right? Might want to set your bigotry aside and do a little fact checking before posting.

impediment said...

And while you're doing that fact checking, try checking the timeline of what EPM and others are alleging. If you read between the lines, there doesn't seem to be any indication he was obtaining and selling lists while at the SoS -- the lists were bought before that, during the campaign, and he simply didn't take the sales page off his website after joining the SoS.

But, if it gets a couple of republican hacks out of office in exchange for a Dem SoS, great.

Charles said...

No, I did not know that. Thanks for setting me straight.