Monday, May 21, 2007

Did You Know - Blowing Up The Poor

Reading the following is to laugh. It really is incredible just how ridiculous some of the regulations can be. Myself, I don't mind flying but I avoid it at almost any cost - I can't stand having to remove my shoes and belt at security, and I hate the thought of people pouring through my personal belongings in my suitcase. It is also so dehumanizing.

From Boing Boing...

A couple weeks ago my family came to New York, where I live, from my hometown near Salt Lake City. Before leaving, my mother had purchased a small tube of lotion and put it in her purse. When she got to the security checkpoint at the airport, she realized she still had the lotion. She handed it over to the TSA worker who told her that it would be donated to a local homeless shelter. Could it be that the FAA ban on liquids is really a plot to rid the country of homeless people, through the use of explosive liquids?

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