Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Did You Know - Hypocrites

Bill Clinton lied about his little escapade with Monica - and probably he lied about his escapades with other women as well. He's a handsome guy with a lot of charisma and I'll bet he's attracted women by the busload. I don't respect him for any of that, but it does seem to be human nature for most men to chase, and even catch women.

What I DO respect him for is not being a hypocrite. He did not precede or follow-up his indiscretions by preaching about how moral we all need to be and that we need to pass laws to stop all of the rest of us from doing what he did. Not like so many Republicans.

The following is from Wonkette:

So, today, McCain’s got a full-on no-homo agenda going:

While he reiterated his commitment to federalism, Mr. McCain further stated, “If I were a citizen of New Hampshire, I would oppose it. … Anything that impinges or impacts the sanctity of the marriage between men and women, I’m opposed to it.”

But does John McCain have the right to say much about the sanctity of marriage? Nope - he's another asshole hypocrite. The following is from Wikipedia...

McCain has acknowledged engaging in extramarital affairs upon returning from Vietnam. While he was in Vietnam, his wife Carol raised his three children. She was also severely injured in a car accident. Due to the accident, she had become 4 inches shorter, gained weight, and had to use crutches to walk.. He soon began engaging in extramarital affairs and in 1979, he met Cindy Hensley, a 25-year-old. He continued his extramarital affairs while living with his wife. A year later, McCain sought a divorce from Carol and a month after that, he married Cindy. The Hensley family fortune was important in launching his political career.

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