Monday, May 07, 2007

Did You Know - Investigate Thyself

From the LA Times...

At first glance, Scott J. Bloch seems to fit the profile of the "loyal Bushie," the kind of person the White House salted through the Washington bureaucracy to make sure federal agencies heeded administration priorities.

But Bloch, 48, is a man who defies expectations.

The lifelong Republican runs an agency — the Office of Special Counsel — that is turning its investigative spotlight on the White House, in particular the political operation headed by Karl Rove.

His office is investigating whether Bush administration personnel violated civil statutes by inserting GOP electoral politics into Cabinet agency meetings, firing at least one U.S. attorney, and discussing some of the activities in private e-mails that are missing.

Now isn't this interesting - the Times is playing this straight, but (forgive my cynical nature) isn't it more than likely this is another ploy to make it look like Republicans are good, clean, fun-loving politicians? I see him clearing Rove (and anyone else he investigates) and then the Republicans holding a big party to celebrate the fact that they've done nothing wrong - ever - anywhere - to anyone. Another cover up.

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