Thursday, May 24, 2007

Did You Know - In the News

I'm still enjoying the beautiful weather - just now taking a short break from the sun.

Here are a few articles regarding the state of the nation that I've found and don't seem to be getting wide coverage in the MSM.

ABC News

House Democrats are suddenly balking at the tough lobbying reforms they touted to voters last fall as a reason for putting them in charge of Congress.

Now that they are running things, many Democrats want to keep the big campaign donations and lavish parties that lobbyists put together for them. They're also having second thoughts about having to wait an extra year before they can become high-paid lobbyists themselves should they retire or be defeated at the polls.

The growing resistance to several proposed reforms now threatens passage of a bill that once seemed on track to fulfill Democrats' campaign promise of cleaner fundraising and lobbying practices.

From Wonkette...

A 10-month-old baby in Illinois was issued a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card last week, complete with an ID photograph of the infant.
Howard David “Bubba” Ludwig of Southtown was so happy to get his gunowner’s ID that he pooped on himself again.

From the Boston Globe...

WASHINGTON -- Nearly two dozen officials who received hefty performance bonuses last year at the Veterans Affairs Department also sat on the boards charged with recommending the payments.

From InterstateQ...

Representative Patrick McHenry (NC-10) is in deep trouble again. This time it doesn’t have much to do with his McHenry-Lay Voter Fraud Scandal, but it still revolves around McHenry and his love for his young buddies.

A photo has surfaced of McHenry at a party he threw for his college/Young Republican supporters. McHenry, a large lollipop, underage college students and alcohol. Not a good mix.

From Air America...

Paul Wolfowitz announced his resignation, effective June 30, as president of the World Bank Thursday evening after the bank’s board accepted his claim that his mistakes at the bank were made in good faith, rather than a gross ethical violation, as previously determined by the bank’s investigating committee. A White House spokesman said that President Bush will soon announce a candidate to succeed Wolfowitz, quashing speculation that the United States would end the custom, in effect since the 1940s, of the American president picking the bank president.

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