Wednesday, October 26, 2016

NRA now spending more against Clinton than even the biggest pro-Trump Super PACs

By Hunter
Sunday Oct 23, 2016 · 5:46 PM EDT

Republican money groups may be shying away from the seemingly doomed Trump campaign, but America's most well-financed militia group is going all-in and then some.

National Rifle Association committees making independent campaign expenditures to oppose Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton have spent more than $14 million on the race, surpassing the spending of the most active pro-Trump Super PAC. [...]
As of October 12, the NRA had already spent a record-breaking $21 million attempting to get Trump elected, nearly double the $12 million the group spent in its failed “all in” effort to elect Romney in 2012.
The NRA's move to the top of that pro-Trump money pile comes even as other key Republican groups have all but ceded the election.

Two outside groups aligned with Republicans, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Senate Leadership Fund, have begun running television commercials in Senate races implying that Mr. Trump’s defeat is likely and asking voters to send Republican lawmakers to Washington as a check on Mrs. Clinton.

And the Congressional Leadership Fund, a powerful “super PAC” that supports Republicans in the House of Representatives, will begin running ads in the coming days that attack Democratic candidates as “rubber stamps” for Mrs. Clinton, and urge voters in swing districts to support a Republican instead.

So let's review: The now-leading money group for the candidate who claims the election might be stolen from him by illicit forces is a conspiracy-peddling group fond of explaining that Americans need guns so that they can start murdering people if they believe their government to be conspiring against them in illicit ways.

Yeah. I don't think it's going to work out well either.

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