Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chamber dumps Trump, tries to save the Republican Senate

By Joan McCarter
Friday Oct 21, 2016 · 11:02 AM EDT

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Koch brothers' older cousin in owning the Republican party, has decided like the Kochs that their only hope is hanging on to a Republican Senate. So they're starting an ad campaign on the assumption that Hillary Clinton is president, stressing the need for a check on her power.

The ad from the US Chamber of Commerce does not explicitly say the group believes Hillary Clinton will be president, but the intent is to make clear to voters that possibility is very real.

"America's future is far from certain," the narrator says over a picture of an empty presidential debate stage, followed by one of the White House.
"But no matter who the president is, New Hampshire needs a strong voice in the US Senate," the ad continues, declaring that incumbent Sen. Kelly Ayotte works across the aisle to get things done.

This is the first ad of the cycle to basically acknowledge that Trump is toast, and to try to nudge Republicans down-ticket to dump him already. The first state they're running in is New Hampshire, because it is the "most needed" according to a source close to the chamber, says CNN. They will likely expand the ad to all the other states where Republicans are in danger. Because they really, really need a corporate-friendly Senate. With the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic conference on the ascendant, they're getting a little panicky.

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