Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Despite the polls, I am still uneasy about this election

By Egberto Willies
Sunday Oct 23, 2016 · 9:51 PM EDT

We’re two weeks away from Election Day. Do you still have an uneasy feeling? People are already early voting and given that Hillary Clinton is up in the polls, she is likely banking a plurality of the vote. But I am still uneasy.

Why? Because of Brexit. Because of Colombia. Because of Donald Trump.

The democratic populace is making bad choices these days, because our democratic leaders throughout the world are failing the poor and the middle class. The British made a bad choice with their Brexit vote, a choice that will hurt the poor and middle class more so than the plutocracy. The Colombians' rejection of the peace deal with FARC may feel good for those who want to extract maximum pain out of the “rebels,” but it hurts the masses.

Here in the United States, the Republican Party made a poor choice. Despite what the latest polls say, will we as Americans elect our first (in the words of Democratic Primary presidential candidate Martin O'Malley) fascist president? The polls say no—but I am still uneasy.

Donald Trump has a passionate voter base that will continue to support him and vote for him even if, as he says, he “shoots someone on Fifth Avenue.” No one else with the ethical problems, the demeaning statements made on audio and video, and such a caustic personality would remain a viable candidate. But he has.

Hillary Clinton's supporters do not seem as passionate toward her. Yes, so far most say they are voting for her. But I am still uneasy.

I have very liberal friends who continue to talk about blowing up the electoral system by dissing Hillary Clinton, because she has not lived up to their ideals. They decided to vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. They attempt to convince themselves that these votes are a moral choice, and not an implicit vote for Donald Trump.

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