Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Hypocrisy From The Right Wing

It wouldn't be hard to build a blog around nothing but documenting the hypocrisy of the right-wing in the American political system. It's almost funny, but it's hard to get past the fact that their lies and misleading statements are so destructive. Somehow or other relatively well-spoken folks who are as dumb as bricks manage to sell their message to those with the most to lose. They blow smoke up the asses of the poor and the stupid - telling them that, although they don't pay any taxes and get heaps of governmental assistance - that the Democrats' plan to tax and help out the poor won't be in their best interests.

I can't imagine how they get away with it and win as much support as they do.

Crooks and Liars posted some interesting information a week or so ago. Not that this is new - I've seen similar studies in the past - but given our economy this seems particularly relevant again.

Palin (R-AK) and Mark Sanford (R-SC) joined Texas' Rick Perry, Mississippi's Haley Barbour and Louisiana's Bobby Jindal in announcing they would reject some of the federal stimulus funds allocated to their states. But as the steady one-way flow of tax dollars and earmarks spreading the wealth from Washington to their states shows, de facto red state socialism is alive and well.

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