Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bashing The Recovery Effort

Barack Obama stepped into a mess when he became president - the economy was in free fall - and it probably still is. Forget who is responsible - both Republicans and Democrats have had a hand in the problems that we face. Even Bill Clinton, who is still a hero for a lot of Democrats who are old enough to have voted for him, had a hand in some of the deregulation that led up to our current economic downturn.

Be that as it may, Barack is trying to fix the problems the best he can - meeting frequently with dozens of economic advisers, looking for the best ways to define the problem so that he can find the best solutions, even though many of his economic counselors can't agree on where to attack. Some folks disagree with the approach he is taking, both Democrats and Republicans.

Instead of working with Obama in attempt to make inroads on the credit crisis, many of those who oppose his policies and simply being obstructionists. Republicans in particular are saying publicly that they hope Barack fails - and one must suppose that this means that they are ready for him to fail even if it means plunging America into a deep depression. It seems as if they only care about being in power so they can "solve" the problems by cutting taxes for the wealthy. Yeah, like that's gonna work. The wealthy are doing so much for the middle class right now that we can be sure that cutting their taxes will give them cause to do even more [snark].

What is almost as interesting is that this tactic is not new for the Republicans. Being the selfish bungholes that they are, they have done this in the past. Their only consideration is for the wealthy and the rest of Americans can go pound salt for all they care. Gawker has a neat article on this phenomenon. Click on the link to read it all, but here's the first paragraph and an image from their post...

In 1932, an aristocratic, white, crippled version of Barack Obama was elected president, and the Republican Party watched in horror as he eased a weary nation into the warm embrace of European socialism.

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