Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Trump’s Glowing Portrait Of Kim Jong Un: ‘Great Personality,’ ‘Funny Guy,’ ‘Talented’

Talking Points Memo

During his hour-long news conference and series of media appearances following his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Tuesday, President Donald Trump didn’t hesitate to defend and even praise the dictator, who’s best known for his record of brutal human rights violations that involve starving his people, running a ruthless police state, sexual violence and even ordering the murder of members of his own family.

Addressing the inhumane acts by the Kim regime during a press conference Tuesday in Singapore, Trump told reporters that “all I can do is do— what can I do? We have to stop the nukes,” vowing that those who have been tortured and held in gruesome captivity would be the “great winners today.” That is, if Kim breaks with his family’s record of breaking promises with the U.S. to denuclearize the peninsula.

Here’s a rundown of all the times Trump’s painted a positive, and even glowing portrait of the regime leader, whom he praised just as often as he mentioned how many hours he had been awake straight (26):

The news conference (the first full presser he’s held in 16 months):
Trump barreled right into the press conference by expressing gratitude for Kim, who took “the first bold step toward a bright new future.” He boasted to reporters that the meeting was “honest, direct and productive.”

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